"Anniversary World Challenge Raid VS Zamasu: Goku Black (Assist)" Begins on 06/08/2022!

06/22/2022 12:30 AM (CDT) ~ 06/25/2022 01:00 AM (CDT)
In celebration of the 4th Anniversary, the World Challenge Raid is here!
Challenge the Raid Boss with players from around the world!
Collect Medals that drop from the Raid Boss and get awesome rewards!
You can collect Medals more efficiently by using bonus characters or special Equipment!
On top of rewards for the total damage dealt to the Boss by players worldwide, there are also Combat Point rewards for doing certain actions during battles!
Challenge the Boss over and over again to get a highly-sought-after item!
    The Event end date has changed.
    Before: Until 06/15/2022 01:00 AM (CDT)
    After: Until 06/22/2022 01:00 AM (CDT)
  • Added Missions where you can get Anniversary Raid Medals #1 and Hoi-Poi Coins.
  • Increased the exchange limit by 5 for "Multi-Z Power 100 (SPARKING)" and "Multi-Z Power 100 (EXTREME)" at the Anniversary Raid Medal #1 Exchange Shop.

Raid Boss and Battle Rewards

Boss Character
Zamasu: Goku Black (Assist)
Limited-Time Rewards
Drop Rewards
Have a chance to get these drop rewards each time you win a battle!
Plus, you can get 4th Anniversary Medals up to three times per day from limited-time rewards!
Play every day to win amazing prizes!

*Items listed above are only a portion of the available battle rewards. More details are available in the app.
*For more details on Multi-Z Power, see Menu > Other > Help > Items > Multi-Z Power.
*A loss will not count toward the limited-time reward availability limit.
*You will not receive reward items after a loss.
*The battle rules are the same as for Hyperdimensional Co-Op.

How to Play

1. Collect Anniversary Raid Medals #1!
Win against the Raid Boss for a chance to get Anniversary Raid Medals #1!
Forming a party with an Ultra Instinct Goku (DBL47-01S) with a Limit Break of ★6 or higher will guarantee that they drop!
Exchange the medals you get for Chrono Crystals and LEGENDS LIMITED-exclusive Multi-Z Power at the Exchange Shop!
2. Get Raid Boss damage rewards!
Go up against the Raid Boss with allies from around the world!
You can clear the reward conditions by dealing sufficient damage to the Boss.
Once cleared, you will be able to obtain rewards based on the total amount of damage dealt by players worldwide!
Deal more total damage to the Raid Boss to receive more rewards overall!
After clearing the reward conditions, receive more rewards by dealing as much damage as you can to the Raid Boss!
3. Earn Combat Points!
Earn Combat Points by performing certain actions during Raid Battles!
Reach the target amount of Combat Points to obtain rewards!
Combat Point Actions
  • Increase Link
  • Land a Dual Impact
  • Perform a Simultaneous Rising Rush
  • Destroy Shield

*The number of Combat Points gained and the maximum amount available from a single battle vary for each action.
*Check here in game for more details.
*Check the Help section for more details on how to play.
06/10/2022 Addendum
4. Challenge the additional Missions!
New Missions added 06/10/2022 01:00 AM (CDT)!
Claim victory and earn limited-time rewards in Raid Battles to clear Missions!
Get Anniversary Raid Medals #1 and Hoi-Poi Coins from Mission rewards!

*Please claim your rewards by 06/22/2022 01:00 AM (CDT).

Event Tips

Use Bonus Abilities!
Use characters with bonus abilities to amass Anniversary Raid Medals #1 even more efficiently!
Increases your chances of getting Anniversary Raid Medals #1
Guaranteed Drop
Increases the amount of Anniversary Raid Medals #1 dropped
Some characters will gain a bonus ability after Limit Breaking that increases drops! Others who already have these abilities can be Limit Broken to increase drops even more!
Limit Break as many of these characters as you can!
*The amount added by bonus abilities is displayed in parentheses.
If "x100 (+20)" is displayed, the total amount gained after applying the bonus abilities is 100.
Use Equipment that increases drops even more!
Equipping "Not bad. I'm almost impressed." will increase the number of Anniversary Raid Medals #1 you get from drops!
If you unlock its slots with the specific Souls, the amount that drops will increase even more!
Get the Equipment and the specific Souls from the Anniversary Hoi-Poi!
Use the Equipment to collect Anniversary Raid Medals #1 more efficiently!
Not bad. I'm almost impressed.
Slot 1
+1 to Anniversary Raid Medal #1 drops.
Slot 2
+1 to Anniversary Raid Medal #1 drops.
Slot 3
+1 to Anniversary Raid Medal #1 drops.
Equip Conditions
No Conditions
Utilize the Battle Bonus characters!
Use Battle Bonus characters to defeat the Raid Boss!
Battle Bonus characters will have useful effects, like stat increases, during battle!
Strengthen these characters and have them join the fight!
*The above are only some of the Battle Bonus characters.

Trade for awesome rewards in the Exchange Shop!

Anniversary Raid Medal #1 Exchange Shop Lineup
PvP Messages
This fight's not over yet!
The Saiyans will never perish!
I made up my mind that when I grew up, I would do anything to track you down and beat you to a bloody pulp!
Looks like all hell's breaking loose, huh!

*Hoi-Poi Coins are available for exchange until 06/22/2022 01:00 AM (CDT).
*For more details on Multi-Z Power, see Menu > Other > Help > Items > Multi-Z Power.

Important Notes
  • You can go up against the Raid Boss as many times as you like during the Event.
  • This Event can be played after clearing Main Story 2-2-10 on NORMAL difficulty.
  • Combat Points obtained in this Event will reset when the Event ends.
  • You can hold a maximum of 9,999 Anniversary Raid Medals #1 in your inventory. Excess items will be sent to your Gift Box.
  • You will not receive reward items after a loss.
  • Bonus abilities and Equipment that increase drops will only activate when Anniversary Raid Medals #1 are obtained as a drop reward.
  • Any Anniversary Raid Medals #1 obtained in this Event cannot be used after it has finished. Please make sure to check the duration of the Exchange Shop.
  • Event content, as well as Event start and end dates, may change without prior notice.
  • The time listed in the News may be adjusted depending on the timing of the maintenance on that day.
  • The in-game day updates at .
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team