Battle System

Battle Rules

This game is an action RPG with card commands.
Fight with up to 3 characters from your party of 6 to defeat all the enemies.

If the time runs out, you will lose regardless of how much health you have left.
*Certain Story Battles may have special victory conditions.
*When the time runs out in PvP mode, the player who dealt the most damage to the other is the winner.


Character elements affect damage dealt. Basic El.: RED>YEL>PUR>GRN>BLU>RED. Special El.: DRK > Basic, LGT>DRK.

Reverse Element Factors

With Reverse Element Factors, your favorable Elements will be treated as unfavorable, and your unfavorable Elements as favorable.
Characters who possess this ability effect will have a Reverse mark next to their Element icon.
E.g., if an "Element: RED" character's Element factors are reversed, they will be strong against BLU and weak against YEL.

Arts Card Types

Types of Arts Cards are:


・Special Move


with some characters having

・and Ultimate.

Ki Gauge

Displays remaining Ki. Depleted when Arts Cards are used. Ki Gauge is restored over time.

Enemy Distance

Short, medium, and long distances exist, and different attacks reach different distances. Check Arts for details.

Ranged Attacks

Ranged Attacks that show a Danger Zone by your feet cannot be evaded by Vanishing Steps. Move out of range to avoid them.

Dokabaki Impact

Dokabaki Impact occurs if equal power strikes* collide. Tap to gain Ki and damage your enemy.

* And some Special Move.

Rising Rush

Tap an Arts Card with a Dragon Ball to fill Dragon Ball Slots. Get 7 and a button to trigger Rising Rush will appear.

Status Conditions

Certain skills can cause Abnormal Conditions upon characters.
The effects of Abnormal Conditions will automatically restore after a set number of counts.

[List of Abnormal Conditions]
Faint: Character becomes uncontrollable
Poison: Character takes damage over time
Bleed: Character takes damage over time

Attack Types

When using Arts Cards to attack, there are three Attack Types: Strike Type, Blast Type, and Mixed Type.

Different stats are used to determine damage done by each type.

Even if two Arts are using the same parameters, their damage and cost may differ due to differences between the characters using them.

Attacks can also have four Attributes: Impact, Slice, Pierce, and Explode.

Battle Style

Each character has a
specific "Battle Style"
that gives them unique

Melee Type
-Excels in melee attack

Ranged Type
-Excels in ranged attack

Defense Type
-Excels in defending

Support Type:
-Excels in buff/debuff

Special Move

The Attack Type of Special Move differs based on the Skill.

Status Icon

A Status Icon will be displayed if your character has a status effect applied by a skill.
Status Icons fall into the following categories.
Some of the different Status Icons are shown in the images below.

・Attribute Upgrade
Character's attributes are strengthened
Status IconEffects
Strike Damage UP
Blast Damage UP
Inflicted Damage UP
Strike Arts Power UP
Blast Arts Power UP
Special Move Arts Power UP
Self-Destruct Damage DOWN
Self-Destruct Inflicted Damage UP
Element Factor UP
Critical Damage UP
Critical Rate UP
Critical UP
Strike Defense UP
Blast Defense UP
Sustained Damage CUT
Strike Cost DOWN
Blast Cost DOWN
Special Move Cost DOWN
Special Skill Cost DOWN
Ki Recovery UP
Health Restoration UP
Gauge Recovery UP
Poison Resistance UP
Bleed Resistance UP
Faint Resistance UP
Paralyze Resistance UP
Immobilize Resistance UP
Flash Resistance UP
Bleed Resistance UP
Poison Resistance UP
Faint Resistance UP
Paralyze Resistance UP
Immobilize Duration DOWN
Flash Duration DOWN
Impact Resistance UP
Slice Resistance UP
Pierce Resistance UP
Explode Resistance UP
Extra Strike Arts Effect: Faint
Penetrate: Cover Sust. Damage Cut
Special Move Damage UP
Card Drawing Speed UP
Arts Cost DOWN
Stand-By Count DOWN
Strike Arts Damage UP
Blast Arts Damage UP

・Attribute Downgrade
Character's attributes are weakened

Status IconEffects
Inflicted Damage DOWN
Sustained Damage UP
Strike Arts Power DOWN
Blast Arts Power DOWN
Special Move Arts Power DOWN
Self-Destruct Sustained Damage UP
Self-Destruct Damage DOWN
Element Factor DOWN
Critical Damage DOWN
Critical Rate DOWN
Critical DOWN
Strike Attack DOWN
Strike Defense DOWN
Blast Attack DOWN
Blast Defense DOWN
Strike Cost UP
Blast Cost UP
Special Move Cost UP
Special Skill Cost UP
Ki Recovery DOWN
Health Restoration DOWN
Gauge Recovery DOWN
Poison Resistance DOWN
Bleed Resistance DOWN
Faint Resistance DOWN
Paralyze Resistance DOWN
Immobilize Resistance DOWN
Flash Resistance DOWN
Bleed Resistance DOWN
Poison Resistance DOWN
Faint Resistance DOWN
Paralyze Resistance DOWN
Immobilize Duration UP
Flash Duration UP
Impact Resistance DOWN
Slice Resistance DOWN
Pierce Resistance DOWN
Explode Resistance DOWN
Special Move Damage DOWN
Card Drawing Speed DOWN
Arts Cost UP
Stand-By Count UP
・Abnormal Condition
Character has an abnormal condition applied (i.e. Faint, Poison, Bleed)
Status IconEffects

Character gains a status enhancing effect
Status IconEffects
Immunity to All Abnormal Conditions
Extra Blast Arts Effect: Reduce Ki
Extra Special Move Arts Effect: Reduce Ki
Extra Strike Arts Effect: Reduce Ki
Extra Normal Attack Effect: Absorb Ki
Extra Blast Arts Effect: Recover Ki
Extra Special Move Arts Effect: Recover Ki
Extra Strike Arts Effect: Recover Ki
Extra Normal Attack Effect: Absorb Health
Extra Blast Arts Effect: Restore Health
Extra Special Move Arts Effect: Restore Health
Extra Strike Arts Effect: Restore Health
Immunity to Unfavorable Elements
Restore Health Over Time
Immunity to All Attribute Downgrades


An ability that lets you move even when attacked.
You will still take attack damage, however.

(Example) Strike Attack with Blast Damage Armor
Your Strike Skill will not be interrupted even after being hit by a Blast Skill.

* Some Skills have the ability to nullify Armor.

Auto Mode

Battle will be conducted automatically when the Auto Mode button is switched on.
You are still able to input battle commands normally during Auto Mode and it will remain active afterwards.
Auto Mode can be turned off at any time during battle by tapping its button again.

*Auto Mode cannot be used in modes that involve other players, such as PvP and Hyperdimensional Co-Op.

Arts Card Draw Speed

There are five levels to the Arts Card Draw Speed.
Normally Draw Speed starts at level 2.

Level 5: Super
Level 4: Rapid 2
Level 3: Rapid 1
Level 2: Standard
Level 1: Slow

Arts Card Draw Speed levels can be changed with Abilities that increase or decrease the Draw Speed.

Ki Attacks and Physical Attacks

Arts attacks that involve Ki techniques, such as energy blasts etc., are grouped as Ki Attacks.
Ki Attacks can be absorbed by "Ki Absorption" and other absorption-type actions.

Arts attacks that involve certain weapons or rocks are grouped as Physical Attacks.
Physical Attacks are unaffected by "Ki Absorption" and other absorption-type actions.

Unique Gauge

The Unique Gauge is a special resource that some characters use to activate exclusive effects.
The activation conditions and how the Unique Gauge is used differ between characters.
Sustained Damage Type
While the character is on the battlefield, every time they are hit with an enemy's Arts attack, the Unique Gauge will increase.
Charge Type
While this character is on the battlefield, the Unique Gauge will increase when charging Ki.
Evade Type
While this character is slide moving or standing still, they will consume a certain amount of their Unique Gauge to activate Evade against certain enemy attacks.

Check the individual characters' details screens for more information on the various effects, number of activations, and more.

Quick Battle

By checking "Quick Battle" before starting a battle,
you will be taken straight to the results screen.

In the Battle Gauntlet, battle results are determined
according to the Elements, Health, Strike Attack, Blast Attack,
Strike Defense, and Blast Defense of your chosen characters.

Revive・Revive Disruption

Revive is an ability that allows some characters to revive with a certain amount of health when their health reaches 0.

Revive Disruption is an ability that activates when a character on the battlefield causes an enemy character with a "Revives when health reaches 0" effect to revive.