About Hyperdimensional Co-Op

12/04/2019 03:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/31/2029 09:00 AM (CST)
Team up with another player to take on a powerful Boss!
Multiplayer PvE Mode "Hyperdimensional Co-Op"!
Hyperdimensional Co-Op is a battle mode where you work together with another player to defeat a tough Boss.
The other player who fights with you against the Boss is called your "Buddy".
Team up with your Buddy to defeat the Boss using Assist, Dual Impact, and other special actions that are only available in Hyperdimensional Co-Op!

Hyperdimensional Co-Op Rules

  • Unlike regular battles, in Hyperdimensional Co-Op you and your Buddy will use just one character each to challenge the Boss in a 2 vs. 1 fight.
  • Your Party can consist of one Battle Member and ten Support Members.
  • Support Members strengthen the Battle Member with their Z Abilities and Power Level Bonuses.
  • You will win the battle when the Boss' health reaches zero.
  • You will lose if both players are defeated or time runs out. You can continue the battle even if one player is defeated.
The Hyperdimensional Co-Op Boss' "Shield"
  • Hyperdimensional Co-Op Bosses have a special Shield.
  • While the Boss' Shield is up, their damage taken is reduced and the knockback effect of Arts attacks against them is nullified.
    Also, it is not possible to KO a boss while their Shield is up.
  • Destroy the Shield by dealing damage to the Boss!
  • Once the Shield is down the Boss will be wide open, presenting you with a "Strike Chance."
  • You can knock back the Boss and deal lots of damage during a Strike Chance.
  • During the Strike Chance, the Shield will gradually recover.
  • When the Shield fully recovers, the Boss will activate a Burst and the Strike Chance will end.
    If both players are knocked back by the Burst, the Boss will counterattack.
Work with Your Buddy to Build Up a "Link"
  • Your Link value increases when you deal consecutive damage to the Boss while their Shield is up.
  • You can increase your Link value even further by performing alternating attacks with your Buddy.
    However, if you don't land an attack within a certain amount of time, the Link will end and be reduced to zero.
  • Strengthening your Link allows you to do more damage to the Shield with each attack.
  • When a Strike Chance occurs, the following Link Bonuses will be awarded depending on the strength of the Link.
  • Ki Recovery UP
    Arts Card Draw Speed UP
Cover Your Buddy with "Taunt" and "Assist"
  • The Boss decides which target to attack based on a special parameter called Aggro. Bosses will target the player with higher Aggro.
  • Aggro fluctuates as players perform actions.
  • Hyperdimensional Co-Op features a special action called "Taunt."
  • Taunting the Boss increases its Aggro towards you.
    When you use Taunt, it also temporarily activates a Sustained Damage CUT effect.
  • Hyperdimensional Co-Op also includes another special action called "Assist."
  • Assist can be used when your Buddy is under attack to protect them from the Boss' attack.
    It also fixes the Boss's target on you for a short time and increases your Link value.
Team Up with Your Buddy to Unleash "Dual Impact" Attacks
  • When Strike Arts collide in Hyperdimensional Co-Op, you can stop the Boss' movements for a short time.
  • You can extend this period by swiping in the direction of the on-screen arrows.
    When your Buddy stops the Boss' movements, that's your chance to attack with Strike or Blast Arts.
    This activates a Dual Impact team attack.
    Dual Impact can even knock back a Boss with an active Shield.
Coordinate with Your Buddy to Unleash Rising Rush Attacks
  • When you use Rising Rush in Hyperdimensional Co-Op, both you and your Buddy will select cards.
  • If even one of the wager cards is different from the Boss' card, it's a Success.
    And if both players pick the same card, it will become a Huge Success.
  • If you use Rising Rush during a Hyperdimensional Co-Op battle, your Buddy's Dragon Balls will not disappear.

Rewards in Hyperdimensional Co-Op

  • If you win in Hyperdimensional Co-Op, you can earn Limited-Time Rewards, Bonus Rewards, Battle Points, and more.
  • Limited-Time Rewards can only be obtained a certain amount of times per day.
  • Bonus rewards are earned for clearing battles with Buddies found using the "Search" function.
  • You will not obtain a bonus reward if you cannot receive any more Limited-Time Rewards.
  • You will also earn Battle Points when you clear a battle if you are affiliated with a Guild.
  • You will earn more Battle Points if you clear the battle with another Guild Member.
  • *Battle Points are used in the Guild mode.
Important Notes
  • The Hyperdimensional Co-Op battle mode will be unlocked upon completion of Main Story Part 2, Book 8, Chapter 7.
  • To go to the Hyperdimensional Co-Op screen, tap its banner on the Event screen or its icon on the Menu.
  • Character Abilities that mention Battle Members, allies, and so on as activation conditions or targets do not apply to your Buddy in Hyperdimensional Co-Op mode.
  • *Your Buddy is not treated as a Battle Member, and does not affect activation conditions, including those of Equipment.
  • Assists occur instead of Cover Changes during Hyperdimensional Co-Op battles.
  • Assists are used to draw the attention of the enemy and to take hits for your Buddy, and can only be used in Hyperdimensional Co-Op mode.
  • Abilities that activate on Cover Change will not activate with Assist.
  • Some special Cover Changes do not activate as Assists.
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