About Full Power Battle

06/06/2022 12:30 AM (CDT) ~ 12/31/2029 09:00 AM (CST)
Work together with three Buddies to defeat a powerful Boss!
Fight side by side with multiple AIs in the PvE mode Full Power Battle!
Full Power Battle is a mode where players cooperate with three Buddies to fight a Boss in a four-on-one battle.
Join forces with your Buddies and use the All-Out Rush, Rising Rush Z, and other attacks unique to Full Power Battle to take on the Boss.

Full Power Battle Rules

  • Unlike regular battles, in Full Power Battle, the player only controls one character, while their three Buddies are AI-controlled, turning this mode into a four-on-one battle against the Boss.
  • Each battle member has their own party, which can consist of up to 10 support members and 1 Comrade.
  • Support members and Comrades in a party will power up the battle member with their Z Abilities and Power Level Bonus.
  • You can use characters that your friends or guild members have set as Comrades in your party.
  • Comrades give a slightly greater boost than your own support members.
    *A Comrade's level and unlocked Boost Panels will be fixed.
    *If you wish to set your own Comrades, you can do so from either the main Full Power Battle screen or from Player Status.
  • There are certain restrictions on what characters you can use in Full Power Battle.
  • This also applies to support members. Characters who do not meet the restrictions cannot be used in the party.
  • Battle members will get certain buffs during battle depending on their Battle Style. The effects from these buffs can also be stacked.
Battle Style Effect
Melee +10% to all allies' damage inflicted upon activating All-Out Rush (Strike).
Ranged +10% to all allies' damage inflicted upon activating All-Out Rush (Blast).
Defense Reduces all allies' damage received by 10% when enemy activates Dual Break.
Support +20% to all allies' Ki Recovery when enemy starts preparing to launch an Ultra Burst.
Increases Arts Card Draw Speed by 1 level when enemy starts preparing to launch an Ultra Burst.
  • You will win the battle when the Boss's health reaches zero.
  • The player loses if the character they are controlling is defeated.
Try to unleash 4-person All-Out Rush attacks
  • All-Out Rush is a special attack in which all four characters attack together to inflict heavy damage.
  • There are two types of All-Out Rush: Strike and Blast. Every time you use a Strike or Blast Arts Card, there is a set chance that a special Strike or Blast Arts Card will appear.
  • All-Out Rush (Strike): Time your taps according to what's shown on screen.
  • All-Out Rush (Blast): Tap the button on screen rapidly.
  • A successful attack will deal even more damage to the enemy.
Unleash a Rising Rush Z!
  • Tap an Arts Card with a Dragon Ball on it to get a Dragon Ball.
  • Get all 7 and a "Rising Rush" button will appear. Tap it to get a chance to unleash the powerful Rising Rush Z combo attack.
  • Flick in the directions shown on screen at the right moments before time is up.
  • If all flicks are successful, a Rising Rush Z will trigger, inflicting massive damage on the enemy.
    If you cannot execute all flicks within the time limit, the Rising Rush Z will fail to activate.
Evade the Dual Break!
  • When the Boss loses enough health, they'll unleash a wide-range attack that targets all characters.
  • If your character is within the attack range, instructions for evasive maneuvers will be displayed on the screen.
  • Follow the instructions and evade forward or backward to avoid the attack.
    *Buddy Characters will always be hit by this attack.
  • If your character successfully evades, your Buddies' health recovers.
  • *If a Buddy was defeated by the Dual Break, they will not recover.
  • The Boss cannot be damaged while the Dual Break is in effect. Concentrate on avoiding the attack.
Stop the Ultra Burst!
  • Ultra Burst is the Boss's special move.
  • In order to fire off an Ultra Burst, the Boss must first gather energy for a set period of time. A gauge will appear on the screen when this occurs.
  • Attacking the enemy will deplete this gauge.
    If the gauge is depleted within the time limit, the Ultra Burst will be stopped.
Work Together to Build Link
  • You will achieve a Link if you deal consecutive damage to the Boss.
  • Increase this Link by alternating attacks with your Buddies.
    If you don't land any attacks, your Link will decrease.
  • When the Boss starts preparing to launch their Ultra Burst, the following Link Bonus will activate.
  • The higher your Link, the stronger the Link Bonus.
    Allies' Inflicted Damage UP
    *The Link Bonus resets when an enemy's Ultra Burst either successfully activates or is stopped.
Provide backup with Assist!
  • The Boss decides who to attack based on a special parameter called Aggro and will target the character with the highest Aggro.
  • Aggro fluctuates as characters perform actions.
  • Full Power Battle also includes another special action called "Assist."
  • It can be used when one of your Buddies is under attack to protect them from the Boss.
    It'll also cause the Boss to target you for a short time and increases your Link.
Important Notes
  • You can join Full Power Battle via Events.
  • *To participate in the Event, you must clear Main Story 7-7-8.
  • Abilities that mention battle members, allies, and so on in their activation conditions or range of effect will not apply to Buddies in Full Power Battle.
  • *Your Buddies are not treated as battle members and will not affect activation conditions, including those of Equipment.
  • Assists will occur instead of cover changes during Full Power Battle.
  • Assists can only be used in Full Power Battle to draw the attention of the Boss and to take hits for your Buddy.
  • Abilities that activate on cover change will not activate with Assist.
  • Some special cover changes will not activate as Assists.
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