"Festival Choice Battle!!" Now On!

11/24/2021 12:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/08/2021 12:00 AM (CST)
Choose the battle with the items you want every day!
This is your chance to get up to 700 Chrono Crystals!
Play every day to get all the Chrono Crystals!

Event Period

11/24/2021 12:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/08/2021 12:00 AM (CST)


BATTLE Rewards
Slot Remover
EN Tank +10
Skip Ticket
Soul Exchange Medal
  • You can only claim victory in one of the four battles daily!
  • Once you've cleared one of the battles, you can't attempt any more "Choice Battles" on that day.

Important Notes
  • Losing a battle will not reduce the amount of daily attempts.
  • You will not receive reward items after a loss.
  • The in-game day updates at .
  • Event content, as well as Event start and end dates, may change without prior notice.
  • The Event period may be subject to change depending on maintenance duration.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team