"Legends Road - Gotenks -" Returns!

11/23/2020 12:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/30/2020 12:00 AM (CST)
"Legends Road - Gotenks -" Returns!
Clear stages to get Gotenks' Z Power and Souls!

Event Period

11/23/2020 12:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/23/2020 12:00 AM (CST)
*The Event period may be subject to change depending on maintenance duration.
How to Play
1. Get Gotenks
Clearing a certain stage will get you Gotenks himself!
There are 2 types of stages! Take on the stages with the rewards you want!
Event Material Collection Stage
A stage where you can get Z Power, Souls, and Medals!
You can exchange Medals for items of your choice at the Exchange Shop!
Special Stages
Once-daily limited stages where you can get tons of Event items, or stages where powerful bosses await!
2. Class Up Gotenks
Give Gotenks a huge boost by performing all of his Class Ups!
Collect all the Event-character-specific Souls you need to power him up!
3. Limit Break Gotenks
Collect Z Power by clearing specific stages!
If you gather enough Z Power to Limit Break characters, they'll become even more powerful!
Aim for the most powerful upgrade, ★7+!
Event Tips
Once-daily Limited Special Stage
Get massive amounts of Event items!
Play every day!
Use those Bonus Abilities!
Gotenks (DBL-EVT-04S)'s Z Power Drop Boost
Include characters with Bonus Abilities in your party to boost the amount of Z Power you receive!
Bonus Abilities also work when using Skip Tickets, so add Bonus Ability characters to your party to collect as much Z Power as you can!
*The amount added by the Bonus Ability is displayed in parentheses.
If "x100 (+20)" is displayed, the total amount gained after applying the Bonus Ability is 100.
Pick characters that give you an advantage in battles!
Use the characters with the advantageous GRN Element and Battle Bonus characters!
Battle Bonus characters will have useful effects like Inflicted Damage UP during battle!
Power up "Element: GRN" Battle Bonus character Gotenks and fight to the bitter end!
Event-Exclusive Character
Battle Style
Defense Type
Special Move
Galactic Donut
Deals major Impact damage.
Inflicts enemy with Attribute Downgrade "+20% to Strike Damage Received" for 20 timer counts on hit.
Main Ability
Back for more!
Destroys all of your cards and randomly draws four new ones.
Restores own health by 25%.
Requirements: 15 timer counts must elapse.
Special Skill
Unlock Ki: Form of Attack
+25% to Strike damage inflicted for 10 timer counts.
Z Ability
Z Ability II
+24% to "Tag: Fusion Warrior" or "Tag: Legends Road" base Strike Defense during battle.
Z Ability III
+29% to "Tag: Fusion Warrior" or "Tag: Legends Road" base Strike Defense during battle.
Unique Ability
Increases Arts Card Draw Speed by 1 level for 10 timer counts when this character enters the battlefield.
-10 to own Blast Arts cost for 10 timer counts when this character enters the battlefield.
Applies Attribute Upgrade "-40% to Damage Received" to self for 20 timer counts when this character is switched to standby.
Assault: Special Move Cost DOWN
-20 to own Special Move Arts cost from battle start for 45 timer counts.
*The displayed information is at ★3 Limit Break and Godly Class.
*The Zenkai Awakened information is at ★7 Limit Break, Godly Class, and Awakening Rank VII.
Event-Limited Titles!
Limit Break Gotenks to ★7+ and get this Title!
Superhuman Fusion
Medal Exchange Shop
During the Event, you can exchange Event Medals for awesome rewards in the Exchange Shop!
Don't forget to exchange your Medals for Event-exclusive character Z Power and character-specific Souls!
Featured Items
  • Z Power [Gotenks] (DBL-EVT-04S)
  • Rising Soul [Gotenks] (DBL-EVT-04S)
  • Super Soul [Gotenks] (DBL-EVT-04S)
  • Platinum Coin
  • Equipment "Fusion!"
  • Equipment "Responsive Power"
  • Equipment "I'll destroy Cell."
  • Equipment "Time to Send You to Hell!"
  • Accessories "Gotenks' Ghost"
Items listed above are only a portion of those that can be exchanged for.
*The Exchange Shop can be reached via Menu > Exchange Shop.
Important Notes
  • Event content, as well as Event start and end dates, may change without prior notice.
  • The max amount of Z Power obtainable from the Exchange Shop is equal to the amount required to Limit Break to ★7+.
  • Even if the exchange limit has not been reached, you cannot obtain more than the amount needed to reach ★7+.
  • Equipment from this Event may appear in future Events.
  • Please note that effects and applicable characters for Bonus Abilities or Battle Bonuses may vary depending on the Event.
  • Also, effect details and affected characters may change in returning Events.
  • Some battles have a daily play limit or can only be played a certain number of times in total.
  • The in-game day updates at .
  • Event-exclusive character Z Power will not be exchanged for Z Medals even if its amount exceeds the hold limit.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team