Preview: Super Space-Time Duel Stat Adjustments Update

01/30/2020 12:00 AM (CST) ~ 02/05/2020 12:00 AM (CST)

Event Period

02/05/2020 12:00 AM (CST) ~
*The Event period may be subject to change depending on maintenance duration.
Battle Rank stat adjustments will be updated as of Super Space-Time Duel #41.

Battle Rank Stat Adjustments

Battle RankMax Level
1~9Lv 1,000 (Godly)
10~19Lv 2,000 (Godly)
20~29Lv 3,000 (Godly)
30~50Lv 5,000 (Godly)
*The stats of characters with levels that exceed the set Battle Rank level restriction will be adjusted to match those of the max level for that Battle Rank.
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Dragon Ball Legends Management Team