Learn With Trunks! Path to Victory Battle Lecture!

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What's the "Learn With Trunks!Path to Victory BattleLecture"?
Review the Basics of Forming a Party
Recommended Function and Auto Select
Take Advantage of the Leader System
Master Powering Up Your Characters
About Damage
Learn All About Rising Rushes!
How To Stop Rising Rushes
Learn All About Tap Shots!
Dealing With Tap Shots
Learn All About Tackles!
Learn All About Quick Attacks!
Strike Cancel Combos
Blast Cancel Combos
Blast Arts Ki Charge Combos
Combos with Ultimate Arts
Switching Characters Mid-Combo (Basic)
Switching Characters Mid-Combo (Advanced)
Switch Characters Effectively
About Perfect Vanishes
Landing Rising Rushes (Advanced)
About Special Cover Changes
Dealing With Special Cover Changes
About Armor
About Counters
About Arts Cancels
Blast Cancel Counters