Preview: "The Advent of Frieza, the Universal Emperor!" coming soon!

06/27/2018 02:00 AM (CDT) ~ 07/03/2018 09:00 PM (CDT)

Event Preview

We'll be holding an event soon where you can get Z Power for First Form Frieza!
Relive the story of the battle against Frieza from the original series!
Get equipment to recreate iconic scenes!
Participate in this event and get your hands on equipment to strengthen "Frieza Force!"
We hope you'll look forward to this event!
1st Form Frieza
Battle Style
Ranged Type
Special Move
Death Beam
Deals major Pierce damage.
Causes enemies to take 10% more Blast damage for 15 counts.
Main Ability
The Emperor's Aesthetics
+45% to Blast damage inflicted for 15 timer counts.
Requirements: 10 timer counts must elapse.
Special Skill
Immobilizes enemy.
Z Ability
Z Ability III
+22% to Element: BLU base Strike Attack during battle.
Unique Ability
Against Saiyans: Blast Atk+
+15% to Blast Damage inflicted against Tag: Saiyan.

Event Period

From 07/04/2018 03:00 AM (CDT)
Until 07/24/2018 09:00 PM (CDT)

Important Notes

  • Event content, as well as event start and end dates, may change without prior notice.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team