Confirmed In-Game Issues

05/09/2019 01:00 AM (CDT) ~ 12/30/2030 09:00 AM (CST)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
We have confirmed the existence of the following issues and are now investigating them.

Issues Under Investigation:

  • Some characters' Special Move animations are not shown correctly under certain circumstances.
  • Great Saiyaman 1 (DBL-EVT-05S)
    Hyper Meta-Rilldo (DBL11-04S)
    *This issue does not affect their actual abilities or effects.
    05/09/2019 04:00 AM (CDT) Addendum
  • There is a bug where attempting to use a Skip Ticket while having insufficient Energy for that given stage will result in a message reading "Not enough Energy.", followed by the game returning to the title screen.
    *The Skip Ticket is not consumed in these cases.
  • In some cases, Limit Breaking a character with Z Power received as reward for completing a [Yamcha's Home Run★Derby] Mission will not fulfill the requirements of other Missions which require Limit Breaking a character.
  • *If this occurs, you can receive your reward by returning to the home screen then accessing the Mission page again.
    04/24/2019 04:00 AM (CDT) Addendum
  • Even if the problem is with your own connection quality, the message will say "Opponent's connection is unstable."
  • Immediately after a penalty for unfair behavior is given, you will be unable to progress past the results screen.
We apologize for the inconvenience we are causing our players, but we would like to ask for your patience until the issue is addressed.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team