Major Enhancement Overhaul

08/05/2019 03:15 AM (CDT) ~ 12/30/2030 09:00 AM (CST)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
Powering up your characters has never been more convenient!
As part of the update on 08/05/2019, character enhancement is getting a huge overhaul!
There are no more level caps on each Class. You can raise characters to level 3,000 without even performing a Class Up!
Allow us to tell you about the main points of this overhaul.
Soul Boost

Removed the level caps for each Class!

Up until now, it was set so that each Class had a level cap. The Novice Class only got you to level 300 and so on.
By removing this system, you can level up to 3,000 without having to perform a single Class Up!
Bonus Battles

Adjusted Souls types!

More types of Souls will drop in Bonus Battle ★2~★6, which means you can acquire lower ranking Souls as well as those of the Bonus Battle rank.
There's also a chance to acquire Energy Tickets!

Super Souls will drop at high percentage!

Super Souls now drops at high percentage in Bonus Battles.

More Souls will drop!

Now, you can acquire even more Rising Souls and Super Souls than ever before!

Adjusted the amount of Zeni received from "Super Zeni"!

The amount of Zeni you receive will greatly increase. With this, you'll never have a problem with Zeni!
Let's Fight!

Get Zeni from Let's Fight!

Before, playing "Let's Fight!" would only grant you EXP and Friendship Points, but now you will also get a total of 5.9 million Zeni by clearing both battles!
Play every day and collect the Zeni necessary for enhancing and Equipment Upgrade!
Bonus Battles Unlock Conditions
Clear Main Story Part 1 Book 2 Chapter 6 (NORMAL).
We will continue to review all the contents to provide you with the most enjoyable game possible.
Thank you for supporting Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team