Update Announcement (Addendum: 06/01/2018)

05/31/2018 09:20 AM (CDT) ~ 06/07/2018 03:00 AM (CDT)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
The application was updated at the following date and time.
05/31/2018 03:00 AM (CDT)
The most recent version is 1.6.0.

Update contents

  • Added Main Story Part 1 Book 6 (NORMAL)
  • Updated items in the Exchange Shop
  • Added ★2 difficulty Job Requests
  • Adjusted Rating Points (RP) needed to rank up or down in Battle Rank
  • Adjusted Special Rank Up Bonus for Battle Ranks
  • Adjusted Win Streak Bonus in Rating Matches
  • Adjusted PvP Battle Match Rewards
  • Fixed incorrect Counts in some missions
  • Adjusted Mission Points available from Daily Missions
  • Fixed issues with the list amounts displayed on the Ranking screen
  • Adjusted RP earned in Rating Matches with a ghost player.
RP earned in matches with a ghost player will decrease for players with a Battle Rank.
* Adjustments to RP in Rating Matches will continue to be made as appropriate.
  • Measures have been taken against the illegal manipulation of data transfer
In the event of illegal data manipulation, login will no longer be possible.
Thank you for your understanding.
Additionally, the following issues have been fixed.

Issues Fixed

  • Resolved the issue where PvP matching fails under certain connectivities.
  • Resolved the issue where data download is required when starting the app with certain devices.
In accordance with these measures, it will be necessary to download data again.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding.
  • Resolved the issue where the PvP Ranking is not displayed in the correct order.
*Rankings are displayed correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the party's power level is not displayed correctly. (Addendum: 06/01/2018 05:30 AM (CDT))
*No adjustments have been made to the power level of individual characters.
  • Fixed other bugs

Important Notes

  • Players will need to download a large amount of data after the update. We recommend players to update the app under stable network connection, such as through Wi-Fi.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team