Global Release Celebration Campaign Underway!

05/31/2018 03:00 AM (CDT) ~ 06/20/2018 01:00 AM (CDT)
To celebrate the global release of Dragon Ball Legends, we're holding the two following campaigns!

Event Period

From 2018/05/31 17:00
Until 2018/06/20 15:00
Global Release Celebration Missions
Get Ultra Summon Tickets from time-limited missions!
Ultra Summon Tickets guarantee SPARKING rarity characters to appear in "Ultra Ticket Summon".
Complete the missions while they're available and try the Ultra Ticket Summon!
Ultra Ticket Summon Period:
From 2018/05/31 17:00
Until 2018/07/04 15:00
*Check out the mission's "Event" tab for more information.
You can play Event Missions after completing all Beginner Missions.
Global Release Celebration Login Bonus!
Receive Daily Login Bonus x2 during the event!
Log in every day for extra rewards!
*Login reset times differ between time zones.

Important Notes

Mission content, as well as event start and end dates, may change without prior notice.
Thank you for your understanding.
Mission gifts cannot be accepted after expiration date.
Don't forget to accept your gifts!
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team