Bonus Battle: EXP Added! (Addendum: 06/01/2018 05:45 AM (CDT))

05/31/2018 03:00 AM (CDT) ~ 12/30/2030 09:00 AM (CST)

Event Information

Gain an advantage with this special stage!
Take down Ginnanman and earn lots of EXP!
Time to strengthen and level up all of your favorite warriors!

Unlock Conditions

Clear Main Story 1-5-8 (NORMAL).

Important Notes

  • Bonus Battles use more Energy than normal.
  • Each Bonus Battle can be played once daily.
  • Login reset times differ between time zones.
  • Skip Tickets cannot be used in Bonus Battles. (Addendum: 06/01/2018 05:30 AM (CDT))
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Dragon Ball Legends Management Team