Response to Tournament of Power Issue

03/15/2023 08:00 AM (CDT) ~ 03/22/2023 01:00 AM (CDT)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
We began emergency maintenance on the Tournament of Power #48 starting 03/07/2023 09:02 PM (CST) as the Boost Characters had changed from the start of the season.
The issue has now been resolved.
We will be distributing items to make up the difference in the amount of Season Rewards and Ranking Rewards that affected players could acquire in their League versus the maximum amount that were available in the season.
*We will determine which players were affected after the Tournament of Power #48 concludes.
*This compensation will not include Titles.
We had planned to distribute the difference in rewards as a response to this issue. However, we have decided instead to make it so that players who participated in the Tournament of Power #48 will receive the maximum possible Season and Ranking Rewards for their League.
*This does not include Titles.
*Season and Ranking Rewards can be received by visiting the Tournament of Power screen after the Tournament of Power #49 begins.
*Season and Ranking Rewards can be claimed by playing a battle after participating in the Tournament of Power #48.
We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused our valued players.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team