Legends Management Team Newsletter (2021/10 Ver.)

10/14/2021 01:00 AM (CDT) ~ 11/17/2021 12:00 AM (CST)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
This time, we're bringing you some additional information on the upcoming Year-End Huge Update, along with some of the team's thoughts on it.
Year-End Huge Update
Currently, the team has 3 main goals that we want to accomplish.
1. Create a game environment with a wide variety of viable playstyles where players feel free to experiment with character combinations.
2. Improve how Ratings function in PvP.
3. Implement small quality-of-life changes that contribute to a fun, stress-free Dragon Ball Legends experience.
With this update that is scheduled for the end of this year, we hope to get closer to achieving these goals and make Dragon Ball Legends more approachable and fun for old and new players alike.
Faster Startup Times
We will implement optimizations to reduce the amount of time it takes to start up the app.
Leader Slot & Boost Characters
Even though it's been over 3 years since Dragon Ball Legends has been released, we are always working to create an environment where all characters can be used to their full potential.
Thus, we are developing new features to give you more opportunities to use your favorite characters by making them fit into a wider range of parties.
*Some of the details have changed since July's "Legends Management Team Newsletter Vol.3".

Leader Slot

This is a feature that allows you to set one character from your party of six as the "Leader".
The aim of this new feature is to broaden the choices available for parties that were limited by the need to adhere to specific Tags.
The following bonuses will apply if the "Leader" is chosen as a battle member.
1. The Leader will benefit from the other party members' Z Abilities, even if the Leader does not meet the necessary conditions.
2. Party members will benefit from the Leader's Z Ability even if they do not meet the necessary conditions.
The Leader Bonus will only apply to Z Abilities.
Zenkai Abilities, Unique Abilities, ULTRA Abilities and Equipment are not affected by the Leader Bonus.
The following has been changed from the previously given information regarding Leader Slots.
1. The Leader Bonus applies to Z Abilities, even if they specify a target Tag, Episode, Element, Character, Rarity, etc.
2. Zenkai Awakened characters can be selected as the Leader.
*The feature to switch Zenkai Awakening on and off has been removed.
*Zenkai Abilities will not be included in the bonus.
3. The Leader Bonus will only be applied if the Leader is a battle member.

Boost Characters

This feature is mostly unchanged from what we introduced back in July.
We hope Boost Characters, along with the Leader feature, will provide players with more opportunities to use a wider variety of characters.
We would also like to take the opportunity to address some of your concerns regarding these features.
Q. Won't most players set only the strongest characters as Leaders?
A. We believe that by expanding the Leader Bonus effects, we're widening the range of possible party formation choices. By implementing the Boost Character feature at the same time, we intend to maintain balance in the game to prevent certain characters and parties from dominating the game.
Q. If the Boost Character function is based on usage rates, won't the target characters be very similar every season?
A. We will consult the usage rates and implement boost effects across multiple seasons. In order to prevent the above scenario, we plan to implement multiple tiers of boosts with differing strengths.
Q. If characters that can be Zenkai Awakened can also be Boost Characters, won't that make some Tags and parties too strong?
A. We plan to establish a difference in boost strength for characters that are Zenkai Awakened and characters that are not, even in cases where they have the same usage rate.
Zenkai Awakened characters already have bonuses that grant them very high stats, so we believe that any addition boost they receive should be small.
The purpose of the Boost Character feature is to encourage the use of characters with low usage rates or newer characters that players haven't been able to Limit Break yet, and we will be making adjustments with this goal in mind.
After the feature goes live, we will closely observe Rating Match results and make adjustments as necessary.
We would like to ask for your cooperation so that we can create an environment for players to enjoy even more thrilling battles.
Rating Matches
At present, many people are playing Dragon Ball Legends, but prizes in PvP are limited to only a small handful of players at the top.
In order for all players to enjoy PvP, including those who only play casually, and to promote better matchmaking, we've made the following improvements to Rating Matches.

Max Battle Rank (BR) increase

The max BR will be raised from 50 to 70.
Currently, once you reach BR 50, it is possible to be matched with players with far greater skill than your own. Raising the max BR will allow for more precise matchmaking.

Introduction of Leagues

Players will be assigned to a League according to their BR. You may be matched with players in a different League depending on connection quality, Rating Point difference, win streak, etc.
  • Diamond: BR 70
  • Platinum: BR 61-69
  • Gold: BR 41-60
  • Silver: BR 21-40
  • Bronze: BR 1-20

Top Reward Improvements

Following the max BR increase, top-ranking players can expect to earn special titles and more.

Adjustments to Starting BR for New Seasons

At present, all players higher than BR 35 are returned to BR 35 at the beginning of a new season. This causes matchmaking at the beginning of each season to not reflect actual player skill.
To correct this, we've raised the max BR and will be adjusting starting BR at the beginning of each season to promote better matchmaking.

Introduction of Percentage-Based Ranking Rewards

Many players who participate in Rating Matches each season do not currently receive rewards other than those from Missions.
We are adding percentage-based ranking rewards that will take into account the ranking of all players who participated in Rating Matches. They will be given out depending on overall placement in the rankings (e.g. for placing in the top 10%, top 20% etc.).
Please be aware that we will be establishing minimum requirements for receiving these percentage-based ranking rewards.
In Closing
Much like the "Legends Management Team Newsletter Vol.3" in July, this has been a lot of information, but thank you very much for reading all the way to the end.
In addition to the features we discussed here, we have plenty of other improvements on the way and expect to share more in the "Video and Stuff" planned for late October.
We believe we have some exciting news to share with you regarding Zenkai Awakening in particular.
As always, please keep in mind that the information we've shared with you is subject to change.
Further information will be shared as and when it becomes available through future editions of "Video and Stuff" and messages from the management team, so please stay tuned.
As we approach the end of the year, the management and development teams are always working hard to provide you with the best possible Legends experience.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team