Actions to Be Taken Against Improper Purchases

04/28/2021 07:00 AM (CDT) ~ 01/01/2030 12:00 AM (CST)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
We have confirmed that when using "Pay Later" as a payment option in the Google Play store, there are cases in which items have been obtained without payment.
In order to combat these improper purchases, we have adjusted the system such that items purchased with the "Pay Later" option will only become obtainable after the transaction has been completed.
If the following condition is met, an error message containing "AP022045-5380" will be displayed when navigating to the Shop screen.
  • When selecting "Pay Later" as a payment option while a "Pay Later" transaction has not been completed.
  • *Regular gameplay will still be possible.
    *Once the payment from a "Pay Later" transaction has been confirmed, the error message will disappear and the purchased items will become available.
We have also identified the following issues at this point in time:
  • After selecting "Pay Later",
    • If payment has not yet been completed
    • If the payment was cancelled before completion
    In either of the above cases, the item in question becomes unpurchasable using the "Pay Later" payment option for up to three days.
  • When attempting to purchase the same items that have not yet been paid for with the "Pay Later" option using a different method, such as a credit card or a Google Play card, a message reading "Purchase has failed" will display and you will be returned to the Title Screen.
  • However, even if you see this message, the purchase has still been processed correctly. If you return to the Shop screen and tap the same item, a message saying that "you already own this item" will be displayed, but once you close that message, you will receive the items you purchased using methods other than "Pay Later".
    *If you have a pending purchase using the "Pay Later" feature, please do not attempt to re-purchase that product, as doing so may result in duplicate purchases.
We plan to resolve this issue in a future update.
We understand that this is a large inconvenience to players who may use the "Pay Later" feature, but this is a necessary measure to prevent further instances of the issue.
Please accept our sincere apologies, and we thank you for your kind patience and understanding regarding the measures taken against this problem.

Further actions to be taken

Please note that we will be continuing our investigation into users who have acquired items from the Shop via improper means and will take appropriate action against them, which may include restricting further use of the app.
We will continue working hard to ensure that our players can enjoy a smooth gameplay experience, and we kindly ask for your understanding on this issue.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team