Tournament of Power

03/30/2021 01:00 AM (CDT) ~ 01/01/2030 12:00 AM (CST)
Form a team with your favorite characters and aim for the top spot in the Tournament of Power!
What's the Tournament of Power?
This is a battle mode where you form a team of six characters and compete against other players to get the highest battle score by defeating enemy teams on the map!
Competitions are held over a period of time (seasons), and rankings are based on the battle scores you earn when defeating enemy teams!
Compete with rivals from all over the world for the top spot in the highest league!
How to Play

Form a Team

Place six characters on the 3x3 board and assemble your team for the Tournament of Power!
Don't forget to select backup members you can switch in!
Teams should be selected carefully since they cannot be changed for the duration of the season unless you land on a special space.
Characters have special Tournament of Power abilities!
Some characters have abilities that affect other team members, so be sure to check them out on the details screen!

Choose a space to move to!

Select a space in front of you and move to it!
Moving consumes Tournament Participation Points (TP).
Depending on the space you land on, you'll either battle, recover health, or be able to change your team composition!
The health you lose during battle will carry over to the next fight. Carefully consider how your team is doing before moving ahead in pursuit of the boss!
*You cannot return to previous spaces.
About Tournament Participation Points (TP)
TPs are used to advance through spaces on the map!
They'll recover automatically over time!
You can only store so much TP, so make sure to use them regularly!
If you can't decide which space to move to, let Auto Mode decide!
Different Types of Spaces
Battle Spaces
These are spaces where you'll do battle with enemy teams!
Claiming victory on these spaces will increase your Battle Score, so seek out as many as you can!
Once the battle begins, the fight will be carried out automatically.
Check out the enemy's team composition and difficulty level beforehand and plan accordingly!
But be careful! If you lose, you'll be sent two spaces back!
Although you'll recover a small amount of health after battle, the rest of the damage you received will remain!
The fierce boss awaits within the depths of the map!
Keep an eye on your team's status and choose your spaces carefully as you strategically swap in backup members to give yourself the best chance against the enemy!
Tap "Play Battle" to check how your team composition is doing in battle!
Each battle space has placement bonuses that will boost the power of characters placed in the specified spots!
Make sure you check the placement bonuses before diving into battle!
Recovery Spaces
These spaces will recover a set amount of health for all characters on your team!
You should aim to land on these spaces when your health is low since defeated characters cannot recover health after battle or on recovery spaces.
Reform Team Spaces
These spaces let you swap the members on your team with other characters in your possession!
They'll also revive defeated characters and balance out the health of your team members!
Consider the spaces waiting ahead and reform your team!

Battle Rules

Battles use an automatic system with four turns total!
Characters with the fastest Ki Recovery attack first. Defeat all enemy characters or deal the most damage to win!
And for your team only, Rising Rush will activate at the end of the fourth turn!
Make the most of Tournament of Power abilities and placement bonuses and aim to win!

Aim for the top of the rankings!

The Battle Score you earn depends on many factors, including win streak, battle difficulty, map progression, and current league.
Aim for the highest Battle Score you can by strategically planning out your route, team composition, and abilities!
You'll be promoted to the next league in the following season if you place in the top league ranks!
Place at the top of the rankings when the final scores for the season are calculated to be promoted to the next league!
Although enemies on battle spaces are stronger in higher leagues, you'll also earn a higher Battle Score!
Aim for the top of your league to get promoted!
But beware! If you fall into the bottom ranks, you'll drop down a league in the next season!
Important Notes
  • To play the Tournament of Power, you must clear Part 2 Book 8 of the Main Story.
  • Tournament Participation Points are only valid for the current season. They will reset and cannot be carried into the next season.
  • Battle Scores will reset every season.
  • You can only use specialized Tournament of Power Equipment in the Tournament of Power.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot use regular Equipment.
  • Event content, as well as Event start and end dates, may change without prior notice.
  • Check the in-game help for more information on the Tournament of Power.
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