Super Space-Time Duel #57 Begins!

01/06/2021 03:00 AM (CST) ~ 01/19/2021 08:00 PM (CST)

Event Period

01/06/2021 03:00 AM (CST) ~ 01/19/2021 08:00 PM (CST)
*The Event period may be subject to change depending on maintenance duration.
Battle it out in Rating Matches against warriors from around the world!
Compete for Rating Points throughout the season!
Bring your strongest party and aim for the top rank worldwide!
Test Your Skills in Rating Matches!
Take on players from around the world in Rating Matches!
Your Rating Points will increase when you win and decrease if you lose.
Enjoy battles fought against opponents of a similar strength!
Get Job Requests and Equipment after the battle finishes, win or lose!
Obtain important items for upgrading your characters!

Battle Reward Equipment

Slot 1
Health Restoration +5.00~10.00%
Slot 2
Base Strike Attack +10.00~18.00%
Slot 3
Base Health +5.00~10.00%
Equip Conditions
Sagas From the Movies & YEL

Battle Rank Stat Adjustments

Stats will be adjusted according to your Battle Rank in Rating Matches!
Be sure to check your Battle Rank before heading in!
Battle RankMax Level
1~9Lv 1,000 (Godly)
10~19Lv 2,000 (Godly)
20~29Lv 3,000 (Godly)
30~50Lv 5,000 (Godly)
*The stats of characters with levels that exceed the set Battle Rank level restriction will be adjusted to match those of the max level for that Battle Rank.
Raise Your Battle Rank
Season rewards will be given in accordance with your Battle Rank at the end of the season!
Aim for Battle Rank 50 to get the best rewards!
Featured Rewards
  • Multi-Z Power 100 (★4 or higher)
  • Rare Medals
  • Equipment Medals

*Items listed above are only a portion of the Season Rewards.
*For more details, check PvP > Battle Rank > Season Reward.

Get Awesome Ranking Rewards at High World Rank!

Place in the top 20,000 and get great rewards including tons of Chrono Crystals!
Top ranking players will be presented with a special Title!
Fight your way through Rating Matches and try to get your hands on one!
Super Space-Time Duel #57 Champion
2nd to 1,000th
Super Space-Time Duel #57 Top Cut
1,001st to 6,000th
Super Space-Time Duel #57 Prize-Winner
Featured Rewards
  • Chrono Crystals
  • Multi-Z Power (★5 or higher) (All Types)
  • Rare Medals

*For more details, check PvP > Ranking > Season Reward List > Ranking Reward.
Complete Event Missions!
Event Missions for "Super Space-Time Duel #57" are also on now!
Clear the Missions in time to score awesome rewards!
Featured Rewards
  • Chrono Crystals
  • Master's Pack 3 Summon Tickets
  • Master's Pack 2 Summon Tickets
  • Equipment Medals

*Items listed above are only a portion of the Mission Rewards.
*For more details, check Mission > Events > Super Space-Time Duel.
Multi-Z Power
  • Cannot be used on characters you haven't acquired yet.
  • Some characters, such as Shallot and Event-exclusive characters, cannot use Multi-Z Power.
  • Event-exclusive characters are those who have the card numbers DBL-EVT-XXX in the bottom right corner of their character details.
  • Only Multi-Z Powers that have "LEGENDS LIMITED" in their Conditions can be used on LEGENDS LIMITED characters.
    Multi-Z Powers that do not have "LEGENDS LIMITED" in their Conditions cannot be used on LEGENDS LIMITED characters.
  • Excess Multi-Z Power will be sent to your Gift Box. (Expires in 7 days)
  • The maximum amount of Multi-Z Power you can hold varies by type. Check specific details for each item.
  • For more details on Multi-Z Power, see Menu > Other > Help > Items > Multi-Z Power.
  • If using a Multi-Z Power would cause a character's Z Power to exceed its maximum value, the surplus portion will be lost and will not be converted into Z Medals.
Important Notes
  • Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection when participating in Rating Matches.
  • Engaging in actions detrimental to the gameplay experience of others may result in exclusion from rankings.
    Thank you for your understanding.
  • When viewing the rankings, keep in mind that player placement corresponds to the time the data was compiled, and thus may not always be up to date.
  • There is a delay between the season ending and the announcement of calculated ranks.
  • There is also a delay between the announcement of calculated ranks and delivery of Ranking Rewards.
  • Once Season Rewards and Season Ranking Rewards have been readied on the server side, simply visit the PvP screen to receive them.
  • Check the "PvP Warnings" on the top right side of the PvP screen for more details.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team