Bug Fixes

12/01/2022 06:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/21/2022 12:00 AM (CST)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
The following issues have been fixed.

Issues Fixed

  • The Tier Bonus Characters for the next Tournament of Power have not been tallied correctly.
  • The daily exchange limit for Ultra Skip Tickets and Rocket Boosters in the Z2 Medal Exchange Shop does not reset correctly each day.
  • If the contents of the Exchange Shop are not displayed correctly, you can try the "Reload" button on the same screen.
  • For the "Bonus Battle: Super Zeni" Event that is available during LEGENDS WEEKEND, the drop rate for Festival Chance Hoi-Poi Coins #1 was set lower than intended.
  • Regarding this matter, we will be distributing the following items to players who played the "Bonus Battle: Super Zeni" Event while the issue was occurring.
    • Festival Chance Hoi-Poi Coins #1 (players will receive an appropriate number of coins corresponding to how much they played the Event)
    Distribution Period
    11/29/2022 12:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/21/2022 12:00 AM (CST)
    *It may take time for the item (s) to appear as they are not sent simultaneously.
  • Some characters that should be playable in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL - DBL09 ~ DBL17 -" are unable to participate.
  • "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL - DBL09 ~ DBL17 -" has been extended until 11/26/2022 11:00 PM (CST) in response to this issue.
  • In Hyperdimensional Co-Op, the enemy's Element icon may not display correctly after they change Elements.
We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused our valued players.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team