v2.12.0 Update Announcement

09/16/2020 04:00 AM (CDT) ~ 09/30/2020 01:00 AM (CDT)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
The app version was updated on 09/16/2020.
The most recent version is 2.12.0.
To continue to play the game, please update to the latest version in app stores.
Update Contents
Huge Improvement to Title Screen Load Time!
As stated in the Legends Management Team Newsletter and on social media, we have made the title screen loading times substantially faster.
The initial load after updating will take some time, but after that, the loading times from the title screen to the home screen will be much faster.
*The initial load after updates and data updates may take a while.
*Loading times will differ depending on your connection and device.
Having trouble?
If there is a problem with something like a character's level information, try going to the support menu on the title screen and choosing "Clear cache".
Energy System Updated!
When you don't have enough Energy for a battle, you'll be able to use Energy directly from the Energy Tank.
To accompany this change, we are expanding the Energy Tank limit from 99 to 9,999.
Your regular Energy will be consumed first and then from the Energy Tank when there's not enough.
EN Tank Item
You can charge up your Energy Tank by obtaining EN Tank items.
You cannot exceed the Energy Tank's storage limit.
EN Tanks over the limit will be sent to your Gift Box.
Energy Tickets
After the update, you will no longer be able to recover Energy with Energy Tickets.
Please take your remaining Energy Tickets to the Recycle Center Exchange Shop to trade them for EN Tanks.
Training Battle Added!
In place of the Casual Matches, we're introducing Training Battles!
In Training Battles, adjustments will be made to levels, unlocked Boost Panels, and Limit Break stats.
Zenkai Awakened characters will have all possible Zenkai Abilities and stats from Awakening Panels up to their current Awakening Rank.
Match Rules
Limit Break★7+
Zenkai AwakeningCurrent Awakening Rank
Awakening PanelsAll Panels up to current Awakening Rank unlocked
EquipmentYour characters' currently equipped Equipment will be used.
You can battle against other players without thinking about winning or losing!
Test out new characters, party formations, and more in these battles!
Party Formation
  • Adjusted auto select conditions.
Story & Events:
  • Characters and Equipment can be selected separately.
  • Can now account for Battle Bonus characters.
  • Can now account for advantageous Element.
  • Can now account for Challenge conditions.
Co-Op & Co-Op Raid:
  • Characters and Equipment can be selected separately.
  • Can now account for Challenge conditions.
Ultra Space-Time Rush:
  • Can now account for Battle Bonus characters.
  • Can now account for advantageous Element.
  • Added a LEGENDS LIMITED character tag to the filter.
  • It is now possible to move the Equipment list from the Party Formation screen.
Soul Boost
  • Changed Auto Select to Unlock All in Soul Boost.
Panels will be automatically selected based on the materials in your possession.
You can unlock Panels using Chrono Crystals when you don't have enough Souls or Zeni by checking the option to use Chrono Crystals.
Chrono Crystals:
Even without all of the necessary materials, you can unlock Boost Panels using Chrono Crystals.
When materials are not used, 1 Chrono Crystal will be used for 1 Panel.
  • The Element advantage/disadvantage icon will appear on the battle deployment screen for Main and Event Story battles.
  • It is now possible to move to the Story Archive from the Main Story Part selection screen.
  • Combined and shortened some battle result animations.
  • Combined the first time and drop reward screens.
  • The Challenge screen is no longer displayed after completing all the Challenges.
  • The Challenge screen is no longer displayed after losing a battle.
  • The Soul Boost prompt will no longer appear when characters who already have max Soul Boost level up.
  • Holding down the main rewards icon displays more information.
  • If your Z Level has increased by multiple levels, all rewards will be displayed at once.
  • You can return to the Mission list by tapping the Mission tab while viewing an Event's Missions in Mission > Event.
  • Added a Remove Slot tab to the Equipment screen.
  • It is now possible to remove slots on the Equipment Upgrade completion screen.
  • During Co-Op battles, it is now possible to see how many Dragon Balls your Buddy has.
  • During Co-Op battles, the enemy's shield gauge will decrease faster if their health is reduced to 1.
  • Friend Battles can now be played with the same rules as LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL (LBR).
  • By checking LBR during Create Lobby before using Get Code/Invite Friend, the LBR rules will be set for Friend Battles.
  • Improved the PvP menu screen layout.
  • The Guild's ID is displayed in the Guild Information title dialog.
  • Recommended content now displays on the home screen.
  • Special content like once daily only stages will be shown.
    *Recommended content starts displaying after Beginner Missions are complete.
  • Increased Legends Ticket maximum hold limit to 3,000.
  • Increased the amount of Equipment and Job Requests you can trade for at one time from 10 to 30 in the Exchange Shop.
  • The friend code Copy/Get Code options can be accessed from the Friend screen.
  • Plus, Scan Code can be accessed from the Friend > Search, Friend Battle, and Dragon Ball Hunt screens.
    *The Dragon Ball Hunt search will only be available when the event is on.
  • Adjusted some of the UI.

Fixed Bugs

  • Shallot's locked/unselected transformations' Tags would count towards certain Missions.
  • Fixed other bugs.
Important Notes
  • We recommend downloading in an area with good reception or Wi-Fi.
  • Please be aware that it may be difficult to find a match in PvP for some time after the update.
Additionally, we plan to fix the loophole that allowed players to repeatedly join and leave Guilds to acquire more Guild Points in the upcoming update.
The management and development teams will continue to make efforts to deliver the best app, so we look forward to your continued support of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team