Confirmed In-Game Issues

09/18/2020 06:00 AM (CDT) ~ 12/31/2029 09:00 AM (CST)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
We have confirmed the existence of the following issues and are now investigating them.

Issues Under Investigation:

  • Season Rewards and Ranking Rewards in Rating Matches, as well as Season Rewards and Mission Rewards in Guilds, may not display as intended.
  • In this instance, users may not see the rewards they have obtained.
    To fix this, please go to the title screen > Support > Clear Game Data. After clearing game data, the rewards should display correctly.
    *Clearing game data will not erase save data.
  • When selling equipment, if you have 9,999,999,999 Zeni, or if your Zeni will exceed 9,999,999,999, the equipment that you have sold will remain on your Equipment List.
  • If you go to Support via the title screen and clear game data, this will remove any sold equipment from your Equipment List.
    *If you try to sell equipment that has already been sold, a "Failed to receive opponent equipment info" message will be displayed and you will be sent back to the title screen.
    *Clearing game data will not erase save data.
  • If you consume Energy from the Energy Tank, your displayed number of held Energy Ticket (+1) will become the same as the number of charges in the Energy Tank.
  • This is just a display error. There is no actual change in the amount of Energy Tickets (+1) possessed.
    Due to this, when exchanging Energy Tickets (+1) for EN Tanks (+1) in the Exchange Shop, attempting to exchange for more EN Tanks than you actually have Energy Tickets (+1) for will cause an error reading "Insufficient Medals" to be displayed, and the player is sent back to the title screen.
    In the event that you wish to check your correct amount of Energy Tickets (+1) held, please to go the title screen > Support > Clear game data. After that, the amount held should reflect correctly.
    *If you consume Energy from the Energy Tank, a similar issue will occur.
    *Your User Data will not be erased if you clear game data.
  • Pressing the device's Back button straight after using Auto Select may cause the app to freeze. (Android only)
  • *If this happens, please try restarting the app.
  • Reward items may not all be displayed properly on the Reward Tab of the Select Story screen.
  • When unlocking Missions with Chrono Crystals, the reward icons may be displayed overlapping each other.
  • The app may run slower on screens where multiple ZENKAI Awakened characters' icons are displayed.
  • If you go to the Auto Select screen via a specific method, the Conditions option will not be displayed and you will be returned to the title screen once you select confirm.
  • *This issue can be resolved by going to a different screen.
  • Some abilities do not display properly when you use them against an enemy, or when they are activated by an enemy.
  • *Ability effects still work as intended.
    *Ability icons are displayed correctly.
  • When many Items of the Medals and Exchange Items category are obtained at once, they are sometimes not counted towards your Individual as well as your Guild's Collector Points and Overall Points.
  • Until this is fixed, please be careful not to accept rewards for multiple 23-Hour Job Requests at once.
We apologize for the inconvenience we are causing our players, but we would like to ask for your patience until these issues are addressed.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team