Confirmed In-Game Issues

07/27/2022 12:30 AM (CDT) ~ 12/31/2029 09:00 AM (CST)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
We have confirmed the existence of the following issues and are now investigating them.
We apologize for the inconvenience we are causing our players, but we would like to ask for your patience until these issues are addressed.

Issues Under Investigation:

  • Regarding Tien (DBL49-02S)'s Unique Ability "Critical Suppressive Fire"
  • Due to issues discovered just prior to release, the following planned effects have been removed temporarily.
    While this character is on standby and there are 3 enemy battle members remaining, stops an enemy's Rising Rush and activates a Support Action if you lose the wager (activates once).
    Deals major impact damage when Support Action activates.
    *The damage from this attack cannot cause the enemy to be defeated.
    *Tien (DBL49-02S) is available from LEGENDS ALL STAR Vol.14.
    We apologize for any trouble this has caused our players.
    These issues will be corrected and the effects restored in the next version update.
    We will announce more details regarding when these issues will be corrected at a later date.
    We kindly ask for your patience as correcting these issues will take some time. Because of this, the offer period for the Limit Break x Booster Missions will be longer than usual. (07/31/2022 01:00 AM (CDT) ~ 08/31/2022 01:00 AM (CDT))
  • The following effects from Android #17 & Android #18 (DBL46-01S)'s Unique Ability "Heralds of a Dark Future" are also triggered by some special Cover Changes, Special Arts, etc.
  • The following effects occur if this character is on the battlefield after an allied attack ends:
    • Reduces enemy Ki by 25.
    • Randomly destroys 1 enemy card.
    • Restores own Ki by 25.
    • +20% to damage inflicted by allies for 15 timer counts.
    *In the Unique Abilities of the characters introduced so far, the attacks covered by "after enemy attack is over" do not include special Cover Changes or Special Arts.
  • In the event that the number of Skip Tickets exceeds 32767 after energy is restored using a Chrono Crystal, the number of Tickets possessed will be displayed as minus and cannot be used.
  • *This does not apply to Skip Tickets obtained from Gift Boxes, the Exchange Shop, events, etc.
    *When this occurs, returning to the Title Screen once will resolve the issue, but if done repeatedly it will reoccur.
  • If you quit the app while playing a PvE mode with AI-controlled characters, such as Full Power Battle, the battle may resume from where you left off upon restarting.
  • *If you find yourself unable to progress, please restart the app and select "No" in the "Retry battle from the start?" dialog box.
  • If the Auto Adventure function is used, push notifications will not be sent when the relevant Adventures are completed.
  • *This issue only affects the push notifications. The Adventures will still successfully complete.
  • Clearing any difficulty of the latest main story chapter with "Play Demo" turned off will cause the app to become unresponsive.
  • *If this happens, please try restarting the app.
    *After restarting the app, you will not lose any items you received.
    *We plan to fix this issue in the next app update.
  • When players tap the "Return" button on the Equipment Medal Exchange Shop, a message of "The Event has ended' may be displayed and players may be returned to the title screen.
  • In the dialog box that appears when Zenkai Awakening, the cost of each Arts is displayed twice.
  • *This is a display issue only and does not affect the Ability itself.
  • There are cases where the shield icon does not appear when performing a secure upgrade on some Equipment.
  • *This is a display issue only. The secure upgrade is still applied as intended.
  • When there is an update available, some users are experiencing a delay between tapping the title screen and the update prompt appearing.
  • The prompt will eventually display after tapping the title screen.
    We are aware of the inconvenience this issue has caused and are currently investigating the problem. Please wait patiently for the problem to be resolved.
  • In the Full Power Battle party formation screen, the number of Arts Cards displayed does not reflect the number your Buddies have.
  • *The Arts Cards the player uses in Full Power Battle include those held by Buddies.
    *This is a formation screen display issue only. It does not affect the actual battle.
  • If a character levels up or Limit Breaks while you are using the Quick Battle feature in Battle Gauntlet, the stat changes are not being applied for the subsequent battles.
  • *Pausing or quitting Quick Battle will give the character in question the correct stats.
  • Items received from Tournament of Power Ranking Rewards may not display correctly.
  • This issue may occur when there is a communication error.
    Please note that Titles and rewards are still received correctly, even when they are not displayed or are shown with incorrect amounts.
    *If this issue occurs, please try to Resync Game Data from the Support menu on the title screen.
  • A restore cannot be completed if it is attempted after the title screen has been displayed two or more times, or if you attempt to restore two or more times while the application is running.
  • *To complete the process successfully, please restore only once at the title screen the first time after launching the app.
We apologize for the inconvenience we are causing our valued players.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team