Legends Management Team Newsletter

06/26/2020 04:30 AM (CDT) ~ 07/15/2020 01:00 AM (CDT)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
This time, the newest information on adjustments and updates comes to you in the form of this Legends Management Team Newsletter.
Be sure to read until the end.
For characters whose Zenkai Awakenings are newly released from 07/01/2020 and onward, the amount of Awakening Z Power that drops from their designated ZENKAI AWAKENING Summons will be adjusted to make it easier to raise Awakening Ranks.
Characters' Zenkai Awakening conditions will not change, but the amount of Chrono Crystals required for climbing the Awakening Ranks will be greatly reduced.
*Please note that ZENKAI AWAKENING Summons released up until now are planned to remain unchanged until November 2020.
The revisions are estimated to be applied from November 2020 for previous ZENKAI AWAKENING Summons. Thank you for understanding.

Changes to ZENKAI AWAKENING Summons

Zenkai Awakenings Released up to Now Zenkai Awakenings Released from 07/01/2020
Single Summon
None 100
Consecutive Summon
300 1,000
Awakening Z Power List
70 1.000%
30 6.000%
15 20.000%
5 73.000%
1,500 0.100%
500 0.250%
100 72.000%
70 27.650%
None Only Consecutive Summons
100 of the Target Awakening Z Power

Other Changes

Characters that acquire a Zenkai Awakening from 07/01/2020 onward will no longer get Zenkai Awakening Missions after this update.
*Characters with Zenkai Awakenings before these changes will still retain their respective Missions.
There will be no changes to Event characters' ZENKAI AWAKENING Summons.
In addition, as of the next update on 07/01/2020, the highly requested Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen) will finally be Zenkai Awakened! He'll gain additional defensive capabilities as well as offensive bonuses against Lineage of Evil and Frieza Force!
Awaken him as an indispensable character to any Hybrid Saiyan party.
Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen)
Adjustments to Obtaining Zenkai Souls
The Recycle Center Exchange Shop will be established in mid-July to make it easier to obtain Zenkai Souls necessary for Zenkai Awakening Boost Panels. There you can exchange regular Rising Souls and Super Souls for Zenkai Souls.
Plus, there are plans to make it possible to exchange Z Medals for Zenkai Souls in the near future.
Regarding the 2.9.0 App Update
Separate from the Zenkai Awakening updates mentioned above, we are also planning for the 2.9.0 update to be implemented soon. From here, we'll introduce a few of the changes it will include.
Target Area
Update Details
  • Speeding up the transition to the Guild screen.
Exchange Shop
  • Speeding up the exchange connection.
  • Combining the returning notification for Adventures.
  • Adding the option to consecutively run the same Job Request when one finishes.
  • A notification will be sent when it's possible to claim items.
  • Adding the amount of Souls, Medals, and other exchange items in your possession to the details dialog box.
  • Ordering characters by card number instead of randomly in the Character List.
  • Increasing the player ID from 10 to 11 digits.
  • Other
Please look forward to seeing more upgrades to screen transition speeds among other UI revisions.
Regarding Dishonest Acts in PvP
We are aware of the dishonest activity occurring within the Rating Match rankings.
We are also currently looking into technology that could punish users who have broken our terms of service more accurately and are taking measures to remove those who use unfair means in rankings.
We are also looking into measures to implement during the 2.9.0 update's maintenance. We do not condone the use of unauthorized means to rise in the rankings, and we understand the outrage it has brought among players. We will continue to try our best and create a fair environment.
Aside from dishonest acts in PvP, there is also the matter of disconnections. Since PvP is performed over P2P connections without going through a game server and is in the hands of connection compatibility or mobile connection, it is difficult to address or eliminate players from ranking based on the reports of lag or disconnection.
For this reason, we are looking into optimizing the battle data exchange and matching logistics in a mid-to-long-term approach.
Multi-Z Power
We plan on expanding the Multi-Z Powers obtainable from Events by setting 1~3★ and 4~6★ upper limits from the next update.
Also, the LEGENDS LIMITED Multi-Z Powers from the previous announcement are still in development.
And Finally...
The second anniversary events are still ongoing. Soon, an Event similar to last year's popular celebratory "Sizzling Summer Boot Camp", where you can get new EXTREME characters before they appear in Summons, is set to go live.
Who will rise to the task to defend Earth...?
Thanks to all of our users, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS reached its second anniversary. From here on out, we will face the rest of 2020 and work towards getting ready for the third anniversary.
Additionally, we hope to release more videos about development and detailed information on upcoming Events and content (such as the "Video & Stuff" series). We hope for your continued support.
In order to continue improving the game, we are also considering conducting a player survey to hear your opinions.
The survey is still in the works, but we hope for everyone's cooperation.
The management and development teams will continue to make efforts to deliver the best app, so we hope we can look forward to your continued support of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS.