About Zenkai Awakening

07/01/2020 01:00 AM (CDT) ~ 12/31/2029 09:00 AM (CST)
Unlock Further Power with Zenkai Awakening!

Zenkai Awakening Conditions

Fulfill the conditions below for applicable characters to Zenkai Awaken them!
  • Reach ★7 or higher (acquire 3,000 or more Z Power).
  • Acquire 1,000 or more Awakening Z Power for the character.
How to Obtain Awakening Z Power


Once a character becomes available for Zenkai Awakening, a special Summon called "ZENKAI AWAKENING" where you can get Awakening Z Power will appear!
ZENKAI AWAKENING is a special Summon that exclusively drops Awakening Z Power only for the specified character!
Gather Awakening Z Power and create powerful warriors!
*ZENKAI AWAKENING will only appear for a limited time but may return at a later date.
Zenkai Awakening Update
As of 07/01/2020, the amount of Awakening Z Powers received from new ZENKAI AWAKENING Summons has been improved. It is now easier to increase Awakening Ranks of new Zenkai Awakening characters.
Characters' Zenkai Awakening conditions will not change, but the amount of Chrono Crystals required for climbing the Awakening Ranks will be greatly reduced.
*Previously released Zenkai Awakening characters are planned to keep their current Zenkai Awakening settings until 2020/11.
The revisions are estimated to be applied from November 2020 for previous ZENKAI AWAKENING Summons. Thank you for understanding.
Zenkai Awakenings Released up to Now Zenkai Awakenings Released from 07/01/2020
Single Summon
None 100
Consecutive Summon
300 1,000
Awakening Z Power List
70 1.000%
30 6.000%
15 20.000%
5 73.000%
1,500 0.100%
500 0.250%
100 72.000%
70 27.650%
None Only Consecutive Summons
100 of the Target Awakening Z Power


There are special Missions for each of the Zenkai Awakening characters that appeared before 07/01/2020 01:00 AM (CDT) where you can obtain a total of 1,000 Z Power for them.
Check Out the Benefits of Zenkai Awakening!
There are seven levels to Zenkai Awakening! Raise your Rank by collecting certain amounts of Awakening Z Power!
When a character's Awakening Rank is raised, you will get a variety of benefits, such as unlocking Awakening Panels or a Zenkai Ability!

Benefits of Zenkai Awakening

Rank Awakening Z Power Benefits
1 1,000
  • Unlock the Novice Awakening Core
  • Increase Strike / Blast Arts Level
  • Acquire Zenkai Ability I
2 2,000
  • Unlock the Fighter Awakening Core
  • Increase Special Skill / Special Move / Ultimate / Awakened Arts Level (for characters who have them)
3 3,000
  • Unlock the Adept Awakening Core
  • Increase Strike / Blast Arts Level
  • Acquire a Unique Ability
  • Acquire Zenkai Ability II
4 4,000
  • Unlock the Master Awakening Core
  • Increase Special Skill / Special Move / Ultimate / Awakened Arts Level (for characters who have them)
5 5,000
  • Unlock the Super Awakening Core
  • Increase Strike / Blast Arts Level
  • Acquire Zenkai Ability III
6 6,000
  • Unlock the Powerful Awakening Core
  • Increase Strike / Blast / Special Move / Ultimate / Awakened Arts Level (for characters who have them)
  • Acquire a Unique Ability
7 7,000
  • Unlock the Godly Awakening Core
  • Increase Special Skill / Strike / Blast Arts Level
  • Acquire Zenkai Ability IV
Certain benefits are acquired after unlocking an Awakening Panel.

Unlock Awakening Panels for Further Strength!

Awakening Cores and Awakening Panels will be added to the Boost Boards of characters who can be Zenkai Awakened!
First off, unlock Awakening Cores to unlock adjacent Awakening Panels!
Then move on to Awakening Panels and release your characters' inner strength!
Awakening Cores are on the Boost Boards of each Class!
Aim to unlock Awakening Cores of higher Class Boost Boards!
The amount of Awakening Z Power required to unlock Awakening Cores differs depending on Class.
You will need Zenkai Souls to unlock Awakening Panels!
Zenkai Souls can be obtained in Hyperdimensional Co-Op!
Challenge as many Events as you can to get your hands on Zenkai Souls!

Zenkai Abilities

There are super powerful abilities available only to those characters who have been Zenkai Awakened!
Zenkai Abilities grow stronger every time you reach certain Awakening Ranks!
Acquire Zenkai Abilities and become the strongest warrior!
*The Zenkai Ability shown in the image is for Super Saiyan Goku (DBL01-04S).

New Card Sleeves

Raise a character's Awakening Rank to 3 to get your hands on their Card Sleeves!
Personalize your battles by obtaining the Card Sleeves of your favorite characters!
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team