"CR990504" Error Resolution and Response

02/12/2020 07:00 AM (CST) ~ 03/11/2020 01:00 AM (CDT)
Thank you for your continued support of Dragon Ball Legends.
Since the Ver 2.2.0 update on 02/05/2020, some players have had the error "CR990504" occur on log in. We are preparing the release of Ver 2.4.0 to combat this issue.
Furthermore, we are investigating the issue of error "TK2990504" occurring following the transfer to Ver 2.4.0. We apologize for the inconvenience.
If you encounter this issue, please try logging in with a different connection, for example switching from mobile data to Wi-Fi or vice versa.
As soon as we can judge that Ver 2.4.0 has improved the situation, we plan to distribute items as a token of our apology and extend/return the following events. Please wait a little for more detailed announcements.

Distribution schedule

  • Chrono Crystal x 1,000
  • SPARKING Medal x 10
*We will notify you of the distribution schedule at a later date.

Extension of Current Summons and Events

  • Ultra Space Time Summon #19 (Chrono Crystal Ver.)
  • Legends Rising Vol.11 (Chrono Crystal Ver.)
  • Legends Rising Vol.11 (Summon Ticket Ver.)
  • Choice Battle!
  • Adventure! Drive Out the Oni! Part 2
  • Adventure! Drive Out the Oni! Login Bonus
  • From the Original Series "Cell: The Evolving Life Form Part II"
  • Legends Road - Trunks (Youth) -
  • ZENKAI AWAKENING - Super Saiyan Goku -
  • ZENKAI AWAKENING - Legendary Super Saiyan Broly -
  • ZENKAI AWAKENING - God of Destruction Beerus -
  • "Adventure! Drive Out the Oni!" Exchange Shop
  • Legends Road - Trunks (Youth) - Exchange Shop

Return of Completed Summons and Events

  • Ultra Space Time Summon #19 (Summon Ticket Ver.)
  • Legends Saiyans Vol.4
  • Legends Super Saiyans Vol.3
  • Legends Premium Vol.5
  • Legends Return - Super Saiyan 3 Goku - SPARKING Rarity Guaranteed Ticket Summon
  • Adventure! Drive Out the Oni! Part 1
  • Legends New Year Adventure
  • From the Original Series "Cabba, the Saiyan from Universe 6"
  • Legends New Year Adventure Exchange Shop
  • Legends Road - Super Saiyan Goku - Exchange Shop
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team