Battle Version 2.1 Changes: What and Why

12/04/2019 03:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/11/2020 12:00 AM (CST)
Changes to the battle system mechanics will be implemented alongside the huge update on 12/04/2019 03:00 AM (CST)! The new Battle Version 2.1, together with adjustments to some characters, aims to address some arising issues in PvP and provide players with more tactical battles!
As players tend to take advantage of waiting at long range in the previous battle version, resulting in battles lasting a long time, one of Battle Version 2.1's main focuses is to avoid this issue.

Update contents

Increased Range for Tackle
Previously, players could avoid Tackles by dashing backwards.
However, this caused players to continually wait at long range, resulting in unnecessarily long battles. In order to help battles progress, we have made adjustments so that Tackle now reaches opponents even at long range, and the defending player will have to take action by either dodging, or counterattacking with an Arts Card, and so on.
Tackle Now Beats Tap Attacks
With the increased range of Tackle, to avoid exchanges often ending in a draw with players countering Tackles with Tap Attacks, we have made it so that Tackles will beat Tap Attacks.
Strike Arts Will Not Lose to Tackles Even if Used Just Before Being Hit
With the adjustments made to Tackle, it has now become a less risky move and harder to counter or punish.
We have thus made it so that Strike Arts will win against Tackles, even if the Strike Arts is activated just before the Tackle would hit.
Players defending against Tackles will now have to judge whether the situation calls for dodging with a Vanishing Step, or counterattacking with an Arts Card.
Adjustments to Damage in Long Combos
Threading Tackles in between Arts Cards made it easier to chain and extend combos.
Due to this, the amount of time players were unable to act while being attacked with a combo increased and the attacking player could wait longer for their substitution counts to decrease.
To help deal with this, we have made the disadvantage of dealing lowered damage with longer combos more equal to the benefit of running substitution timer counts down.
Prevention of Ki and Vanishing Gauge Recovery While Moving Backwards and During Backsteps
In order to discourage passive gameplay where players would just wait until the other acted, we have made adjustments to prevent Ki and Vanishing Gauge recovery while moving backwards or during backsteps.
Adjustment to the Penalty for Retreating at Long Range
As another adjustment to further discourage players from continuously retreating while at long range until their opponent acts, in addition to the penalty where continuously retreating at long range causes the player to lose Vanishing Gauge, it will also cause their Ki to reduce over time.

Character Adjustments

The following characters will no longer have their Unique Abilities unlocked upon Class Up, but will have them unlocked from the beginning.
  • Chiaotzu (DBL01-12E)
  • Nappa (DBL01-19E)
  • Zarbon (DBL01-25H)
  • Dodoria (DBL01-26H)
  • Captain Ginyu (DBL01-44S)
  • Jaco (DBL01-15H)
  • Tien (DBL01-13H)
  • Chiaotzu (DBL01-14H)
  • Android #20 (DBL02-09E)
  • Android #19 (DBL02-07E)
  • Vegeta (DBL02-12E)
  • Cooler (DBL02-15S)
  • Goku (DBL02-11S)
Certain characters' Arts behavior has been changed to match other characters.
For certain characters, combos could be chained by using Special Moves after Ultimate Skills, or using consecutive Special Moves. We have made adjustments so that this cannot happen anymore.
Affected Characters and Combos
  • Super Saiyan Goku (DBL01-04S): Special Move after Ultimate Skill
  • Final Form Frieza (DBL01-41S): Consecutive Special Moves
  • Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen) (DBL02-02S): Special Move after Ultimate Skill
  • Android #18 (DBL03-06S): Special Move after Ultimate Skill
Adjustments have been made to the unlock cost and the Critical rate boost upon reaching Powerful Class for characters who do not have Ultimate Skills.
Increased the intensity of Final Form Frost (DBL01-46E, DBL01-47H)'s Special Art "Poison Needle Attack", making it more useful against Strike Arts and other attacks.
These battle changes will require new, innovative strategies. We hope you enjoy the new battle system!
With these changes and adjustments to the battle system, we will continue to work hard to provide you with the most enjoyable game possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback regarding the battle system.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team