Guilds Are Finally Here!

12/04/2019 03:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/30/2030 09:00 AM (CST)
Guilds Are Finally Here!
Join forces with powerful allies and compete with Guilds worldwide!
Guilds have now been implemented into the game as of the 12/04/2019 update.

About Guilds

Guilds are groups of up to 30 players, led by a Guild Master.
In a guild, you can cooperate with other members to aim for the top rankings and earn rewards.

Joining a Guild

You can join an existing Guild or create your own.
Guild Search lets you set search parameters to help find the Guild that's right for you.
Simply send a Request to join if you find one that looks good.

Compete in the Guild Rankings

Guild Points can be earned in a variety of different ways once you have joined a Guild.
Earn tons of Guild Points in each Event to compete with other Guilds around the world for the #1 spot in the Guild Rankings!
There are four categories of Guild Rankings.
  • Overall Ranking
  • Battle Ranking
  • Active Ranking
  • Collector Ranking
The higher your rank, the more fabulous the rewards every member in your Guild will receive!
Not only that, if you contribute a lot of Guild Points during an Event, your own personal rewards will be improved, too.
Put your Guild on the map by earning as many Guild Points as you can!

Play Together With Your Guild Members!

By playing with your fellow Guild Members, you can earn bonus Guild Points.
Guild Missions
There are Missions which you can challenge with all your fellow Guild Members.
All member activity will be counted, so work together and complete as many Missions as you can!
You will be rewarded with bonus Guild Points for your hard work.
Not only that, each member will get individual rewards too.
Guild Point Match
This is where you compete against rival Guilds over who can earn the most Guild Points.
*Newly created Guilds will not be able to participate in Guild Point Matches until the next season starts.
The winning Guild will be rewarded with bonus Guild Points!
In addition, your Overall Ranking rewards will be improved!

Communicate With Guild Members

There are some new functions you can use to get closer to your fellow Guild Members.
Cheering for Members
If you Cheer for another Guild Member, Energy will be added to both of your Energy Tanks.
Cheer for your Guild Members every day!
Guild Log
Guild Member activity is reported in the Guild Log.
You can communicate with your fellow Guild Members here with the same messages used after PvP matches.

Important Notes

  • Check the Help section for more details about Guilds.
We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team