(Addendum) Changes in Shop Items Notice

07/27/2018 04:00 AM (CDT) ~ 08/01/2018 01:00 AM (CDT)
Information for Items available in the Shop has been updated.

"Super Saiyan Vegeta" Starter Pack

* This offer will expire on "07/30/2018 09:00 PM (CDT)".
Great deal! An item with 1,100 Chrono Crystals and 600 SPARKING "Super Saiyan Vegeta" (DBL02-01S) Z Powers!
The card number for the "Super Saiyan Vegeta" card in the "Super Saiyan Vegeta" Starter Pack is "DBL02-01S".
Super Saiyan Vegeta
Battle Style
Defense Type
Special Move
Big Bang Attack
Deals major Explode damage.
Causes enemies to receive 15% more Strike damage for 15 timer counts.
Main Ability
Pure Evil
-15 to own Strike Arts cost for 10 timer counts.

Requirements: 15 timer counts must elapse.
Special Skill
Unlock Ki: Form of Life
Restores own health by 15% & cures Abnormal Conditions
Z Ability
Z Ability III
+24% to Element: RED base Strike Attack and Defense during battle.
Unique Ability
Assault: Strike Attack UP
+20% to Strike damage inflicted from battle start for 20 timer counts.

Gain an advantage over your rivals with the "Gravity x10 Machine Fuel" Training Pack!

* This offer will expire on "08/01/2018 01:00 AM (CDT)".
320 Chrono Crystals!
Also receive 10 "Gravity x10 Machine Fuel" training items!
Train using 1 "Gravity x10 Machine Fuel" to raise your SPARKING character's level from 300 to 363, all in one go!
Train to strengthen your party!
* The "Gravity x10 Machine Fuel" Training Pack can be purchased up to 10 times.
* The "Gravity x10 Machine Fuel" training item can only be used with characters of Lv 300 or higher.
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