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Equipment are items with Abilities that you equip to characters to enhance their stats.
There are two main ways you can obtain Equipment:
1. Clear battles that have Equipment rewards.
2. Trade exchange items for Equipment.
How to Wear Equipment
When a character wears Equipment, they will gain its effects.
To wear Equipment, go to Menu > Characters > Party Formation.
1. Select a Character
Tap the icon of the character in your party whose Equipment you want to change.
2. Select an Equipment Slot
Next, tap the slot you want to put the Equipment in.
You can unlock more slots by performing Soul Boosts and reaching a higher Class.
3. Select Your Equipment
Once you've selected an Equipment slot, tap a piece of Equipment to place it there.
The number of Equipment your character can equip is equal to the number of slots you have unlocked for them. However, they cannot wear:
  • Equipment with conditions they do not meet.
  • More than one piece of Equipment with the same name.
*Some Equipment allow more than one of the same name to be worn by a character (e.g. "There's no way that WE...could lose to someone like you!")
Equip Conditions
Equip conditions must be met before a piece of Equipment can be worn. Tap and hold the Equipment's icon to check its requirements.
Starting from the top, the requirements are: Level, Element/Character Tags, and Limit Break Level. Your character must meet all requirements before they can wear the Equipment.
Mastering Equipment Info
Rarity, rank, and slots all affect an Equipment's Abilities.
Mastering these three aspects will help you create the ultimate piece of Equipment!
Equipment Rarity
There are 5 Equipment rarities. In order from lowest to highest rarity, they are: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Unique.
Equipment Slots & Ranks
The slots at the bottom of the Equipment show to what extent slots have been unlocked.
The lowest Ability level is displayed in green, and the highest is displayed in red.
The color of these slots is a good factor to consider when selecting your Equipment.
The lowest rank is F, and the highest rank is Z+.
Ranks are determined by totaling the Ability levels for each slot. Slots are unlocked through Equipment upgrades.
When a slot is unlocked, it will gain an Ability with a level of effectiveness selected at random from predetermined amounts.
The Equipment's rank will be updated to reflect the new Ability's level.
Since the true strength of your Equipment is only revealed after it's been fully upgraded, aim to power them up and create some ultimate pieces of Equipment!
Upgrading Equipment
You'll need Souls and Zeni to upgrade Equipment. Once you have enough, go to the Upgrade tab from Menu > Characters > Equipment.
Upgrading will unlock more slots that can help increase a character's strength.
Reupgrading Slots
You can use Chrono Crystals or items to reupgrade the Abilities in Slot 2 and Slot 3.
*Some exceptions exist, preventing some Equipment from being reupgraded.
To reupgrade an Ability, go to the Reupgrade Slot tab in Menu > Characters > Equipment, select a piece of Equipment, and use the items from either of the following:
1. Chrono Crystals, Souls, and Zeni; or
2. Slot Remover, Souls, and Zeni.
*The reupgrade cost depends on how many times Abilities have been reupgraded on that piece of Equipment.
The cost resets once per day.
*You cannot revert to a previous Ability after reupgrading.
*Reupgraded Abilities are selected at random with the normal rates.
Reupgrade Slot lets you perform consecutive reupgrades.
You will need the appropriate number of items for the number of times (1-10) you want to reupgrade.
Your consecutive reupgrades will stop when any of the following occur:
1. An orange or higher Ability level is reached;
2. The Ability level reached is greater than it was prior to the reupgrade;
3. Your selected number of consecutive reupgrades is reached; or
4. The Stop button is tapped.
If your Abilities aren't as effective as you'd like, try reupgrading them and aiming for higher-level Abilities!
Awakening Equipment
Awakened Equipment is a powerful type of Equipment you can create using materials obtained in the ZENKAI Ultra Space-Time Rush and some Events.
Although Abilities for Awakened Equipment will be powered up, equip conditions may become stricter, and there may be restrictions for using Awakened Equipment in certain game modes.
*As in the examples below, Awakened Equipment cannot be worn with normal Equipment of the same name.
    ・"You'll Pay!" and "[Awakened] You'll Pay! No. 1"
    ・"Angry Super Saiyan!" and "[Awakened] Angry Super Saiyan! No. 1"
How to Create Awakened Equipment
Awakened Equipment can be created from Equipment Awakening in Menu > Characters > Equipment.
*Equipment Awakening is unlocked after you clear Main Story Part 2 Book 8 Chapter 6 NORMAL.
1. Acquire Memories
Memories are one of the materials you need for Equipment Awakening.
They are mainly acquired in exchange for Rush Medals.
2. Acquire Fragments
Fragments are one of the materials you need for Equipment Awakening. Fragments have different colors and come in two types: Fragments and Rare Fragments.
They are mainly acquired in exchange for Rush Medals.
3. Prepare Equipment to Use as Material
Equipment is used as material to create Awakened Equipment. To be used as material, Equipment must meet certain conditions.
Equipment that can be used as material varies by Awakened Equipment.
For example, you'll need the following materials to create "[Awakened] You'll Pay! No. 1":
  • "You'll Pay!", at least Rank A (x1)
  • Equipment at least Rank B and at least Gold (x2)
  • Equipment at least Rank B and at least Silver (x2)
4. Creating Awakened Equipment
Once you have the required materials, you can use Zeni to create Awakened Equipment.
Use these tips to upgrade and create powerful Equipment!
*When Awakening Equipment, the first slot will be unlocked with an ability level chosen at random. The slot levels for Equipment used as material are not taken into account.
Selling Equipment
Equipment you no longer need can be sold from the Sell tab in Menu > Characters > Equipment.
*Different Equipment will fetch different prices.
Expanding Equipment Limits
You can increase the amount of Equipment you can hold by obtaining the "Expand Equipment Limit" item from the Exchange Shop in the Menu, or by purchasing the same item from a set in the Shop.
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