v2.0.0 Update Announcement

12/04/2019 03:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/11/2020 12:00 AM (CST)
From the DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Management Team:
Since releasing worldwide on 05/31/2018, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS has undergone a number of updates.
We would love to have your attention as this update will be the largest one since the game's release.
In addition to the heap of new content, we're also making important updates, changes to battles, adjustments to the UI, and more.
We will be updating you with more details in regard to each aspect of the new update in their own Notices, but for now please take a look at this notice for an overview of the upcoming changes.
Main Updates and Changes

The New Battle Mode: "Hyperdimensional Co-Op"!

We have received feedback from many of you hoping for the inclusion of a battle mode where players can battle together instead of against each other. We are happy to announce that we will be implementing a new battle mode where players can join forces with another player (known as a "Buddy") and take down powerful foes: Hyperdimensional Co-Op!
Battles in this mode will have some unique elements to them.
The basics will be covered here, but for more details on how to play, please check the Notice about Hyperdimensional Co-Op.
  • Each player selects one battle member and ten support members.
  • The applicable Z Abilities of your ten support members are applied to your battle member.
  • The animations of Strike and Blast Arts are shortened in order to speed up the battle.
  • Assists occur instead of cover changes during Hyperdimensional Co-Op battles. They can be used to draw the attention of the enemy, and to take hits for your Buddy.

Bring Your Allies Together in "Guilds"!

We will be adding more features in order to increase the sense of community in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS moving forward, the first of these being the new Guild system.
New features such as Guild vs. Guild content (GvG) are also planned to be implemented in a future update.

Adjustments to Long-Range Waiting and More in Battle Version 2.1

Since the game released, we have been implementing various changes to discourage players from simply waiting at long range for their opponent to attack. In the new Battle Version 2.1, we have made a number of changes in order to further combat this.
To see the changes we have implemented and the thought process behind them, please see the following:
Character Updates

Implementation of Zenkai Awakening!

You can now further increase your characters' strength with Zenkai Awakening after collecting 3,000 of their Z Power!
*Applicable characters who already have 3,000 or more Z Power will be able to Zenkai Awaken.
With this update, Zenkai Awakening will be made available for the following characters.
  • Super Saiyan Goku(DBL01-04S)
  • Legendary Super Saiyan Broly(DBL01-35S)
  • God of Destruction Beerus(DBL07-11S)
There are seven levels of Zenkai Awakening, and as you collect certain amounts of Awakening Z Power, Awakening Boost Panels will be unlocked for each Class of the character's Soul Boost boards. Not only that, a character's statuses and Abilities will be strengthened simply by Zenkai Awakening them, making them feel like a whole new character!
Your party will benefit too, as certain levels of Zenkai Awakening will unlock Zenkai Abilities which strengthen your whole party!
Aside from status increases, there are various benefits to unlocking Awakening Boost Panels, such as increased Arts Levels or the acquisition of new Unique Abilities. Aim for a new realm of power for your favorite characters with Zenkai Awakening!

Benefits of Zenkai Awakening

Level Awakening Z Power Benefit
1 1000
  • Unlock the Novice Awakening Core
  • Increase Strike/Blast Arts Level
  • Acquire Zenkai Ability I
2 2000
  • Unlock the Fighter Awakening Core
  • Increase Special Skill / Special Move / Ultimate / Awakened Arts Level (for characters who have them)
3 3000
  • Unlock the Adept Awakening Core
  • Increase Strike/Blast Arts Level
  • Acquire a Unique Ability
  • Acquire Zenkai Ability II
4 4000
  • Unlock the Master Awakening Core
  • Increase Special Skill / Special Move / Ultimate / Awakened Arts Level (for characters who have them)
5 5000
  • Unlock the Super Awakening Core
  • Increase Strike/Blast Arts Level
  • Acquire Zenkai Ability III
6 6000
  • Unlock the Powerful Awakening Core
  • Increase Strike / Blast / Special Move / Ultimate / Awakened Arts Level (for characters who have them)
  • Acquire a Unique Ability
7 7000
  • Unlock the Godly Awakening Core
  • Increase Special Skill / Strike / Blast Arts Level
  • Acquire Zenkai Ability IV
Certain benefits can be acquired after unlocking an Awakening Panel.

How to Obtain Awakening Z Power

There are special Missions for each character who can be Zenkai Awakened. Clear these to obtain up to 1,000 of their Awakening Z Power.
These Missions will also be available for other characters when their Zenkai Awakenings are released. Who are you excited about seeing Zenkai Awakened?!
We're also planning to implement special Summons which drop Awakening Z Power!
Get a head start on Awakening Z Power now by completing the Missions and awaken your characters' hidden strength!
More Limit Break Stages
We received player feedback that the required amount of Z Power for Limit Breaking to ★4 and onwards was far too high, making it difficult to Limit Break characters.
We will not be changing the amount of Z Power required to upgrade Z Abilities, but we have increased the number of Limit Break levels so that status increases and other benefits will be acquired more frequently.
Z Power Before the Update After the Update
Character Acquired
Character Acquired
Status Up +5%
Status Up +5%
Status Up +5%
Status Up +5%
Acquire Z Ability II
Acquire Z Ability II
Status Up +5%
Status Up +5%
Status Up +2%
Acquire Z Ability III
Acquire Z Ability III
Status Up +3%
Can be Zenkai Awakened
Status Up +3%
Status Up +5%
Status Up +5%
Status Up +2%
Status Up +2%
Status Up +2%
Status Up +2%
Acquire Z Ability IV
Acquire Z Ability IV

New Class: Godly

All characters can now be upgraded to the new Godly Class. Alongside this, the level cap has been raised to 5,000.
In regard to Rating Matches, the level cap will remain at 3,000 until the new season begins in February, 2020.

LEGENDARY FINISH Added to God of Destruction Beerus (DBL07-11S)

The LEGENDS LIMITED character God of Destruction Beerus (DBL07-11S) will be given a newly implemented LEGENDARY FINISH animation alongside the version update!
Other Adjustments

Adjustment to EXP Acquired in Story Battles

Until now, characters in your party who do not participate in battles received EXP equal to 10% of the amount that Battle Members did. This amount has been raised to 50% as of this update.
*This change also applies to EXP acquired when using Skip Tickets.

Friend List Limit Expanded from 30 to 40

After receiving player feedback, we are happy to announce that the Friend List cap has been increased.
*The Friend List is planned to be expanded further in future updates.

Reduced Memory Usage in Battles

In preparation for the addition and improvement of battle animations in the future, we have reduced the amount of memory used during battles.
Due to this, some data will be redownloaded. This is necessary for future updates. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We will continue to monitor the game's stability so that the game can run as optimally as possible.

Fixes to Lag in PvP Mode

We have decreased the amount of data sent and received in battles at an attempt to further optimize online battle behaviors.
Please note that this change will have less of an effect if you, your opponent, or your Buddy have an unstable connection.
We have received a lot of player feedback regarding lag experienced during PvP. The main cause of this issue is not the connection speed, but the stability of the players' internet connections.
Although this aspect of the issue is difficult for us to provide a decisive fix for from a technical standpoint, we will continue to make overall improvements to help counteract lag in PvP.
We are also planning future adjustments for matchmaking behavior.

Matchmaking Adjustments in PvP

We have made adjustments to matchmaking so that players will have less chance of being matched with an opponent who has a slow connection.
Unfortunately, this will mean that it may take longer for some players whose internet connection is not very strong to find a match. We advise all players to play the game with a stable connection.

Changed Equip Conditions

The Equip Conditions have changed for the following Equipment.
  • Truth of the Survival Game
  • Awakened Truth of the Survival Game No. 1
*The Equipment listed above can still only be equipped to God of Destruction Beerus (DBL07-11S).
Other Bugs Fixed
  • The "Awakened Family Kamehameha No. 1" Equipment's Slot 3 effect was being deactivated for the rest of battle if the equipped character was switched to standby.
  • The effects in Slot 3 of the following Equipment were deactivating when the character they were equipped to entered their transformed state in battle (for transforming characters).
    • Hryaaah!
    • Saike Demon
    • I can tell.
    • You think I'll just knock you down?!
    *With these fixes, the activation conditions of the aforementioned effects have been changed.
    *The actual effects themselves have not been changed.
  • "Reduces next damage sustained by ○%" effects were sometimes not being applied when activated immediately before or after being attacked by your opponent.
Please accept the following item (s) as a token of our apology.
Please check your Gift Box for the item (s).

Affected Players

Players with accounts, as of 12/04/2019 03:00 AM (CST).

Present Items

  • Chrono Crystal x 100

Distribution Period

12/04/2019 03:00 AM (CST) ~ 12/18/2019 03:00 AM (CST)
It may take time for the item (s) to appear as they are not sent simultaneously.
We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused our valued players.
And Finally...
Since release, we have been continuously updating the game listening to player feedback as we go, and are proud to have managed to release version 2 for you all. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported us along the way.
We will be planning a whole bunch of new campaigns to show our appreciation for you all, and hope you will enjoy the events that are to come.
All of us on the management team will continue to provide more features and events and we hope you look forward to them. From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you continue to support and enjoy playing DRAGON BALL LEGENDS!
Dragon Ball Legends Management Team