Rising and Super Souls are needed to upgrade Equipment and Soul Boost. They are rewarded in Stories and Adventures.

Arts Core

Arts Cores are items needed for Arts Boosting.
Arts Cores have usage conditions, success rates, and grade values that all vary depending on the type of core.
They can be obtained from Events and other sources.

[Usage Conditions]
The usage conditions determine the range of grades a core can be used for. Cores can only be used for boosting within that range.
*The highest grade a core can upgrade to is its "limit grade". It cannot be used to boost past that grade.

[Success Rate]
The success rate is the probability that an attempt made with a given Arts Core will succeed.

[Grade Value]
The grade value is the amount by which the grade will be increased if the boost is successful.
*Any amount above the max/limit grade will be discarded.

Arts Seed

Arts Seeds are items needed for Arts Boosting.
They can be obtained from Events and other sources.

Medals & Exchange Items

Various items can be exchanged at the Exchange Shop.

- Rare Medals
Obtained from various Events including Rating Matches, the Tournament of Power, and more.
- Z Medals & Z2 Medals
Z Power obtained for characters that have already reached Limit Break ★7+ and Awakening Z Power obtained for characters that have already reached Awakening Rank VII will be converted to Z Medals or Z2 Medals.
*These will not be converted for certain Event-exclusive characters, such as those with card numbers DBL-EVT-XXX.
*See each Summon's Z Power List or the confirmation dialogue that shows before playing them for more information on these exchange items.
- Rush Medals
Obtained as Ultra Space-Time Rush rewards.
- Exchange Items
Obtained as Event rewards.

Summon Tickets

Tickets used for certain Summons.

Costumes & More

Items used to change the hero Shallot's appearance.
Changes can be made from MENU > Customize.

Some Costumes come with Tags.
When Shallot equips a Costume, he will gain any Character Tags that it has.

*Tags gained from Costumes will be targeted by Z Abilities, ZENKAI Abilities, and ULTRA Abilities, which will cause their effects to apply to Shallot during battle.

*This only applies during battle.
These Tags cannot be used to meet Equipment requirements or deploy conditions, nor will they be used to apply bonus effects.

Item Limits

There are maximum item limits for each item type.
Items will not go to your inventory if this limit is exceeded.
What happens will depend on the item type.

[Action Taken When Exceeding the Limit]
Zeni: Discarded
Souls: Discarded
Training Items: Discarded
Job Requests: Oldest ones discarded to make room for new ones
Equipment: Excess items will be acquired, but you won't be able to start certain battles, such as stories or PvP
Medals: Sent to Gift Box
Summon Tickets: Sent to Gift Box
Costumes: Converted to Zeni
Accessories: Converted to Zeni
Skip Tickets: Sent to Gift Box
EN Tanks: Sent to Gift Box
Memories: Discarded
Fragments: Discarded
Titles: Discarded
Slot Removers: Sent to Gift Box
Multi-Z Power: Sent to Gift Box
Dragon Balls: Converted to Zeni
Event Keys: Discarded
Item Packs:Sent to Gift Box
Arts Cores: Converted to Zeni
Arts Seeds: Converted to Zeni

*As an exception, excess Zeni, Souls, Training Items, Memories, Fragments, Arts Cores, and Arts Seeds purchased at the Shop will be sent to the Gift Box.
*Excess Zeni, Souls, Training Items, Memories, and Fragments acquired as Free Items from the Shop will be discarded as normal.


Place up to 3 different Equipment on each party character. Equipment has use conditions that must be met to be equipped.

Equip. Abilities

Pieces of Equipment come with abilities that are useful in battle, and multiple copies of the same Equipment can even have different abilities.

It's possible to mix and match these ability effects, but they will only apply to the character that is using the Equipment.

Abilities that reference specific battle or party members' Tags or Episodes but do not mention a specific activation timing will activate at the start of battle, referencing the Tags and Episodes at that time.

Equipment effects cannot be cancelled by "Cancels Attribute Upgrades" or similar abilities.

Upgrading Equip.

Equipment can be upgraded up to twice with Souls & Zeni. This opens slots and gives new abilities but does not change old ones.

Reupgrading Equipment Abilities

When an upgraded Equipment slot is reupgraded, the current ability is removed and a new ability is obtained.

You can reupgrade abilities in the following ways:
1) Using Chrono Crystals, Souls, and Zeni
2) Using Slot Removers, Souls, and Zeni

You can choose to reupgrade up to 30 times in a row.
Consecutive reupgrades will be stopped in the following situations:
1) A non-green ability is obtained.
2) The chosen number of consecutive reupgrades have been completed.
3) The Stop button is pressed.

-The reupgrade cost depends on the Equipment.
-The reupgrade cost changes with every use.
-The cost resets once per day.
-You cannot recover an ability once it's been reupgraded.
-You cannot reupgrade Slot 1's ability.

Slot Removers can be acquired at the Rare Medal Exchange Shop.

Equipment Rank

Equipment will be given a
rank based on its effect.


Final equipment rank is
determined at max. upgrade.

Equipment Rarity

There are a total of 5 Rarities for Equipment:


Each piece of Equipment has a fixed rarity.

Equipment Archive

You can view the following information
in the Equipment Archive for all Equipment.
- Ability Effects
- Equip Conditions
- How to Get

"How to Get" shows stories where you
can obtain the piece of Equipment,
listed in order of greatest chance to

Equipment you've acquired before will be illuminated.

*Only Equipment you acquired after the Equipment Archive was implemented will be illuminated.

Equipment Awakening

In Equipment Awakening, you can use items such as Memories, Equipment, and Fragments to create Awakened Equipment.

Awakened Equipment

A higher class Equipment that possesses stronger Ability Effects than normal Equipment.

There are restrictions to what game modes the Awakened Equipment's effects can be active in.


A base material item for Equipment Awakening.
Materials required for awakening differ depending on Memories used.

You can exchange them from the Exchange Shop.


A dedicated material item required for creating Awakened Equipment out of Memories.

You can obtain them as rewards from Stories and Adventures.

Energy Ticket

You can charge Energy by exchanging Energy Tickets at the Recycle Center.

Multi-Z Power

Multi-Z Powers are mysterious, shining fragments of souls that raise the Z Power of the characters they're used on.

There are a variety of conditions that must be met to use each type of Multi-Z Power. They can only be used on characters that fulfill all the conditions.

*If using a Multi-Z Power would cause a character's Z Power to exceed its maximum value, the surplus portion will be discarded and will not be converted into Z Medals or Z2 Medals.

Multi-Z Powers with any of the following conditions can only be used on the characters they apply to:
- Event-exclusive character with a card number containing "EVT"
*Multi-Z Powers without these conditions cannot be used on the characters they apply to.

Multi-Z Powers also cannot be used on the following characters:
- Shallot
- Characters with card numbers starting with DBL00

Secure Upgrade

◆Secure Upgrade

Secure upgrade allows you to upgrade just the ability effects of the slot of your choice.

The ability itself will not change.

Secure upgrading will not result in an ability effect that is lower than your current one.

You can secure upgrade in the following ways:
1. Using Chrono Crystals, Souls, and Zeni.
2. Using items, Souls, and Zeni.

*The item cost for secure upgrading differs for each piece of Equipment.
*The items consumed will increase with the number of secure upgrades performed.
The cost increase will reset once per day.

◆Guaranteed Ability Upgrade
For a higher item cost than secure upgrades, you can perform guaranteed ability upgrades.
Guaranteed upgrades are guaranteed to boost the ability's effects.

*The boost given to an ability effect from a guaranteed ability upgrade differs for each piece of Equipment.

Item Packs

Can be opened to obtain items.
*Items obtained from item packs that go over the item limit will be discarded.
As an exception, if your Equipment has reached the hold limit, you will be unable to open item packs containing Equipment until you get rid of any excess.
*Expired item packs cannot be opened.
*Expiration dates may be adjusted depending on the timing of the maintenance on that day. Please claim your items as soon as possible.