Summon and Shop

Buy Chrono Crystals

Chrono Crystals can be bought in the Shop. Use them to play Summons and restore Energy.
*Chrono Crystals received from "Digger, the Chrono Crystal Mining Robot", "DX Digger, the Chrono Crystal Mining Robot", or from the Premium Mission Plan are categorized as free.


Gain Z Power or Awakening Z Power by using Chrono Crystals in Summons.
*Different Summons will give out various results. Get enough to automatically acquire or Limit Break characters. When an applicable ★7 or higher character has enough Awakening Z Powers, they will automatically Zenkai Awaken.

Crystals & Energy

Energy used in Stories recovers over time, but it can also be recovered instantly with Chrono Crystals.
*Excess Energy restored through Chrono Crystals is stored in the EN Tank.
  • 1st - 50th Time: Chrono Crystal x10
*Energy can be restored by Chrono Crystals up to 50 times per day.