Characters can receive reward items by going on Adventures for set periods of time.

This requires Job Requests.

The details of each Job Request will vary, and characters will receive different items depending on where they are sent.

By spending Rocket Boosters, you can use "Haste" to complete Adventures immediately.
There is a limit to how many times Haste can be performed.
The limit resets when the in-game date changes.

Adventures can be stopped partway through but doing so won't yield any rewards.
Any Job Requests used will still be consumed.

Job Requests

An item that is required for going on Adventures and is obtainable via rewards from Rating Matches, Training Battles, Treasure Battles, Hyperdimensional Co-Op, and more.

Job Requests are only available for a limited time, so be sure to use them before they expire!
There are also Emergency Job Requests that offer lots of great rewards but have very short expiration times.

Adventures also have different destinations and difficulty levels depending on the Job Request, but the more difficult an Adventure is, the greater its reward.

To view your currently available Job Requests, go to the Adventure screen and tap "Job List".

Adventure Rewards

Adventure Rewards include Rising and Super Souls, Training Items, Zeni, and colored Souls. The City only rewards Zeni.

Adventure Slots

The number of Adventures you can go on at once is determined by how many Adventure Slots have been unlocked.

You start with 3 slots unlocked, but you can have up to a maximum of 7 by using "Adventure Slot Keys" or "Adventure Slot Keys Z".

Adventure Suitability

Characters of certain elements are more suited for certain jobs. Pick wisely to improve your chances of success.

Adventure Success

Three levels of success, Regular, Great, and Huge, exist. Better results reward more items.


By using the same Job Request at the end of the Adventure, the Adventure can be reattempted.

*When reattempting an Adventure, the characters cannot be changed.
*The Job Requests used when repeating an Adventure will be consumed from the shortest expiration date.