Soul Boost

Soul Boost increases a character's abilities by using Souls and Zeni to unlock Boost Panels and Boost Cores. There are four different ways to upgrade:
-Unlock Boost Panels
-Unlock Boost Cores
-Unlock Awakening Panels
-Unlock Awakening Cores
Unlocking Boost and Awakening Panels will strengthen the character's stats or arts level. Unlocking Boost Cores allows the character to class up and upgrade higher class boost boards. Unlocking Awakening Cores allows adjacent Awakening Panels to be unlocked.

Boost Panels

Unlock Boost Panels/Awakening Panels with
Souls and Zeni. Unlock a
panel to strengthen a
character and open up
adjacent panels to unlock.




・Not Unlockable

Boost Cores

Once a certain amount of Boost Panels have been unlocked, you'll be able to unlock the Boost Core.

By unlocking the Boost Core, you can Class Up and gain access to a higher class Boost Board.

Class Up and make your characters stronger!

Various other effects may become available, such as unlocking Equipment Slots and more.

Zeni and the appropriate Souls are required in order to unlock the Boost Core.

You can still unlock Boost Panels on Boost Boards of a lower class after a Class Up.

Panels can be one of the following statuses: Unlockable


Awakening Cores

To unlock an Awakening Core, you must use the necessary
materials on a character Limit Broken to at least ★7
with a certain amount of Awakening Z Powers.

When you unlock an Awakening Core, the Awakening Panels
adjacent to it become unlockable.

Unlock Awakening Cores and power up your characters!

You can still unlock Awakening Panels on Boost Boards of
a lower class after unlocking Awakening Cores.

Awakening Cores can be one of the following:
- Locked

- Unlocked