Powerful warriors used in battle acquired by collecting a certain amount of their Z Power.

There are 4 different character rarity levels.
Rarities are set for each character.


Traits are located at the top of a character's details screen and describe their unique characteristics.

They make it easier to understand what kinds of abilities characters have, but unlike Tags, they will not be the target of any ability effects.
*The Traits displayed for characters that have been Zenkai Awakened include abilities and effects at maximum stats.
*Please note that Traits may be changed and new ones added without prior notice.

Card Numbers

Card numbers are a string of letters and numbers (e.g. DBL00-01) that can be found in the bottom right corner of the character details screen.


Parties hold up to 6 characters. Make up to 7 parties to swap between.

* Parties must have at least 1 character.


The parties you use in regular modes and Super Space-Time Rush have a Leader slot.
The character you select for that slot will be the Leader of that party.
*Hyperdimensional Co-Op/Co-Op Raid parties and Tournament of Power teams do not have a Leader slot.

When the Leader participates in a battle, the following Leader Bonus effects will activate.
1. The Leader will receive all party members' Z Ability effects.
2. All party members will receive the Leader's Z Ability effects.

* In regular mode battles where you fight alongside a Buddy, only the first effect will activate.

Z Power

Concentrated Ki power. Collect enough through Summons or Scout Battles to acquire and Limit Break characters.

Awakening Z Power

A special power that condenses the character's awakening energy.
By collecting a certain amount of Awakening Z Powers for a character that has been limit broken to at least ★7, the character's Zenkai Awakening will activate.

You can obtain Awakening Z Power from Summons.

Character Level

Characters gain levels by getting experience in Stories and Training. When you gain levels, each of your character's stats will increase. You can increase your characters' stats even more by Soul Boosting.

Friendship Rank

Characters other than Shallot have Friendship Ranks. Friendship Ranks advance once for every 10 Friendship Levels. Characters will be able to teach Shallot compatible Special Moves from the "Customize" menu after they reach a certain Friendship Rank.

Friendship Level

Characters other than Shallot have Friendship Levels. Each character can raise their Friendship Level by collecting Friendship Points, available in the Main Story or certain Event Stories. Each character requires different amounts of Friendship Points to level up. You will also receive Chrono Crystals as a reward for the level achieved. Friendship Levels run on a loop, so surpassing Friendship Level 10 will raise your Friendship Rank and return your character to level 0.

Friendship Points

Characters who fight in Main Story or certain Event Story battles gain Friendship Points, even if you lose, but not from using Skip Tickets.


Indicates Soul Boost growth level. When you Class Up, you will unlock more Boost Panels to strengthen your character.

Limit Break

Gain enough Z Power to Limit Break characters and increase their power. Limit breaking is available from tiers ★1 to ★7+. As the character limit breaks from ★1+ to ★7+ the amount of ★s increase from the left side. Limit breaking occurs automatically.

Zenkai Awakening

Zenkai Awakening will activate by collecting a certain amount of Awakening Z Powers for an applicable character that has been limit broken to at least ★7. They will be raised to Awakening Rank I.
When a character becomes Awakening Rank I, their status, arts, main abilities, and unique abilities are upgraded and a new Zenkai ability is unlocked.
Plus, the character's card illustration will change and a decoration will be added on the icon.

Awakening Rank goes up to Awakening Rank VII.
Receive arts card sleeves and upgrade a character's Zenkai ability by raising their rank.

Zenkai Awakening occurs automatically when you receive Awakening Z Powers.

Total Power Level

Total Power Level is the total sum of the Power Levels of all of the characters you own. Collect lots of characters and power them up to raise your Total Power Level.

Arts Cards Held

Characters have their own Arts Cards of differing types. Each battling character's cards will be added to a deck.


Characters have Strike, Blast, Special Move, and Special Arts. Some have Awakened and Ultimate. Boost Panels level Arts.

Shallot's Special Move

You can teach Shallot other characters' Special Moves in the "Customize" menu. Use the Special Moves you learn and combine their effects to expand your strategic potential. Characters will need to be above a certain Friendship Rank to teach Special Moves.

Main Abilities

Use once a battle when Main Ability Gauge fills. The gauge fills automatically. Tap character icon to use.

Z Abilities

These are special abilities that are always active
during a battle when a character is part of a party.
The effect of these abilities is enhanced when a character
is Limit Broken to ★3/★6/★7+.

The effects of Z Abilities will be applied to all party members,
so try different combinations of character effects.
*Characters do not have to be in a party as deployed members.

Zenkai Ability

These are special abilities that are always active during a battle when a character is part of a party.
It unlocks when the character becomes Awakening Rank I. The effects increase after Zenkai Awakening to Rank III, V, and VII.

The effects of the Zenkai Abilities will be applied to all party members, so try different combinations of character effects.
*Characters do not have to be in a party as deployed members.

Unique Abilities

Unique Abilities have
different activation conditions depending on the Character.

ULTRA Abilities

These abilities can only be used by "Rarity: ULTRA" characters.

Ability Bonus

Ability Bonus shows the
total effects of the party's
Z Abilities, Zenkai Abilities and equipment.

This increases with more
party members with multi-
character Z Abilities or Zenkai Abilities.

Shallot's Transformations

In the "Customize" menu you can set Shallot's transformations, including Super Saiyan. Doing this allows you to perform transformations, such as Super Saiyan, to increase your power in battles. The effects of Shallot's Main and Z Abilities before transformation will also change in accordance with the transformation selected.

Arts Card Sleeves

Access the arts card sleeves from Status in the menu.

By setting the arts card sleeves, the design of Arts Cards during battle will be changed.

You will receive arts card sleeves when a character reaches Awakening Rank III.

Favorite Character

By setting a Favorite Character, they will appear on the home screen and as an icon that is visible to other players.

If you have not set a Favorite Character, the character in the first slot of your currently selected party will appear instead.

You can set a Favorite Character from the Status menu.


By setting Comrades, other players can use them in battle.

Comrades can be used in the following modes:
- Full Power Battle

Your Comrades can be changed from MENU > Status.

Auto Select

By utilizing auto select, you can automatically put characters or equipment with any tag or element in your party.

Preset Party

Party Preset allows you to register party information.

You can use any party you've registered by using the Call feature.

The number of parties you can register differs between regular modes and Hyperdimensional Co-Op/Co-Op Raids.

You can increase the number of parties you can register in both regular modes and Hyperdimensional Co-Op/Co-Op Raids with the Registered Preset Party Expander.

Tag Characters

Tag Characters are units where two characters battle as one, switching in for each other.

Tags and Stats, as well as health, Buff Effects, Abnormal Conditions and other effects during battle are shared by both characters.

If an ability that targets certain characters has been activated by allies or enemies during battle, it will target a Tag Character unit if one of the characters satisfies the conditions. However, the effect will only be active while the character that satisfies these conditions is being controlled.
E.g., when an ability that targets "Character: Goku" is active and a Tag Character unit containing "Character: Goku" is being targeted, the effect will not be active while a character other than "Character: Goku" is being controlled. It will only activate when "Character: Goku" is being controlled.
*Certain abilities will affect both characters.

Also, if any allies or enemies have abilities that reference how many of a certain character there are or whether certain characters are in either party, only the character that is currently active will be referenced. The character who's not active will have no effect on these abilities.
E.g., if an ally has an ability that activates if a "Tag: Saiyan" is in the party, if a Tag Character's currently active character is not "Tag: Saiyan", they will not cause the ability to activate.

If a Tag Character unit is K.O.'ed, both characters will count as defeated.
E.g., if a Tag Character unit with a "Character: Goku" and a "Character: Vegeta" is defeated, abilities that require a "Character: Goku" to be defeated and abilities that require a "Character: Vegeta" to be defeated will both activate.
*The total number of defeated characters is only counted as one.
*If the characters in a Tag Character unit have different Elements, only abilities that target the Element that was active at the time of defeat will activate.
*If both characters' Episodes overlap, they will be counted as one.

Z Abilities (or Zenkai Abilities) and Equipment conditions will apply to both characters.
E.g., if a Tag Character unit containing "Character: Goku" and "Character: Vegeta" is targeted by a Z Ability that affects "Goku" or "Vegeta", both will receive the effects.

In addition, if any party members are using Equipment that references the Characters, Episodes, or Elements of your battle members, both characters' Characters, Episodes, and Elements will be taken into account.
*If both characters' Characters, Episodes, or Elements overlap, they will be counted as one.
*For effects that activate according to actions in battle, such as "when this character enters the battlefield, if there is a 'Character: Goku' battle member in the party", only the character that is currently active can cause them to activate.

Abilities that reference the number of battle members that are a certain character or have a certain Tag will only count a Tag Character unit as a single character.
E.g., if both Tag Characters are "Tag: Saiyan", they will only count as one character for abilities with effects that change according to the number of allied "Tag: Saiyan".
*Equipment abilities will also count Tag Character units as a single character.

Switch Gauge

Instead of a Main Ability, Tag Characters have a Switch Gauge.
The Switch Gauge fills up every time they use Arts and every time they are hit by an enemy's attack. Once it's completely full, you can use the Switch button.
The Switch Button is not affected by abilities that seal Main Abilities.
*The Switch Gauge will not fill up when receiving attacks that do not cause damage such as some Special Arts and Special Cover Changes.

Tag Switch

Tap on a Tag Character's Switch button to perform a Tag Switch and change between characters. Just like the Main Ability, Tag Switch can't be used when the character is unable to take an action, such as when they have fainted or are in the middle of an enemy combo.
The Tag Switch is different from switching to a character on standby.
Therefore, it is not affected by No Switching.
However, regarding Abilities that activate "when faced with an enemy" or "when enemy switches characters while this character is on the battlefield", for example, a Tag Switch will count as a regular character switch.
E.g., if your currently active character has an Ability where their damage inflicted gets boosted every time an enemy switches characters and your enemy performs a Tag Switch, your damage inflicted will get a boost.

In the Tournament of Power, you can Tag Switch when certain conditions are met during battle.
To check these activation conditions, see the character details.

Switch Ability

The Switch Ability activates when you switch between Tag Characters.
To find out more about its effects, check the character details.

Changing Battle Color

If you have a Color Changer item, you can change the designated character's battle color.

You can do this by going to said character's details page and selecting the "Change Battle Color" checkbox.

The new color should then be seen in battle.

LIMITED Z Abilities

These are abilities that are only found on LEGENDS LIMITED characters.

Their effects are always active, but only if the character is selected as a battle member.
Any active effects will only be applied to up to three battle members including the character itself.
The effects of these abilities are enhanced when a character reaches Limit Break ★3, ★6, and ★7+.
*LIMITED Z Abilities only affect a character's regular stats.
They have no effect on ToP stats.