Rating Matches

Rating Matches pit you against players across the world in an epic struggle for Rating Point supremacy.
The periods for amassing Rating Points are known as "seasons."
Players who take part in seasonal Rating Matches will receive rewards at the season's conclusion.
To view ranking info for an ongoing season, please visit the "Ranking" menu.
The results of battles that conclude even after a season has finished will still affect rankings.
Rating Points are reset with each new season.
When viewing the rankings, keep in mind that player placement corresponds to the time the data was compiled, and thus may not always be up-to-date.

Battle Rank

Player Battle Rank is decided according to Rating Point amount.

The maximum Battle Rank is 50, and for players with a battle rank of 11 or higher, losing a Rating Match will result in a loss of Rating Points.

Battle Rank serves as match-making criteria for Rating Matches.

At the end of each season, Battle Rank is reset and rewards are distributed.

Special Rank Up

High Rank players receive a Special Rank Up the next season, getting Rating Points based on last season's Rank.

Rating Match Rewards

Rating Matches give Match, Rank, Season, Top, and Special Rank Up rewards. These are given in different situations.

Boost Characters

Different Boost Characters are specified for each season.
Using them can result in bonuses.

Boost Character bonus types are as follows.
1. Extra Rating Points: Rating Points given at match conclusion increase.
2. Extra Items: More item slots for match rewards.

If using multiple Boost Characters, bonuses will stack.

To claim Boost Character bonuses, you must use the Boost Character in actual combat.

Simply adding a Boost Character to your party will not result in bonuses taking effect.

Boost Characters can be confirmed via the main Online Battle screen as well as the Season Reward List screen.

Exchange Shop

You can trade Medals and Exchange Items such as Rare Medals and Exchange Items such as Rare Medals for various items at the Exchange Shop.

You won't be able to exchange for Chrono Crystals at the Exchange Shop if you possess more than 20,000 Chrono Crystals.

Training Battle

Training Battles allow for friendly bouts with players of similar Battle Power.
Rating Points are not given after the fight, nor will the outcome affect season ranking.

Training Battle Rewards

Training Battle Rewards are given out at the end of Training Battles.
Boost Character bonuses can also be received.

Friend Battle

Invite friends to battle through Friend Battle. Stages can be chosen. Friend Battles do not give rewards.

PvP Messages

Send messages to your opponents from the
PvP results screen or the PvP History
screen and communicate using different
Dragon Ball characters' lines.

Further message content will be added
as needed.

Praise Points

You can send Praise Points to your
opponents from the PvP results or
Battle History screen.

Send Praise Points and praise each
other's battle performance.

Types of Praise Points

There are three types of Praise Points:

Good Skill
- Praise your opponent's play

Good Party
- Praise your opponent's party formation

Good Game
- Praise a well-fought battle