Rating Matches

Rating Matches pit you against players across the world in an epic struggle for Rating Point supremacy.

The periods for amassing Rating Points are known as "seasons."

Players who take part in seasonal Rating Matches will receive rewards at the season's conclusion.

Compete with other players in two different rankings to see who has the most Rating Points:
① Top World Ranking - compete against every single player in the world
② Group Ranking - compete against players in the same group

Please visit the "Top World Ranking" and "Group Ranking" menus to view the respective rankings for the ongoing season.

The results of battles that conclude even after a season has finished will still affect the rankings.

Rating Points will reset with each new season.

When viewing the rankings, keep in mind that player placement corresponds to the time the data was compiled, and thus may not always be up-to-date.

Battle Rank

Player Battle Rank is decided according to Rating Point amount.

The maximum Battle Rank is 70, and for players with a Battle Rank of 11 or higher, losing a Rating Match will result in a loss of Rating Points.

Players will be sorted into the following Season Ranks according to their Battle Rank:
- Bronze
- Silver
- Gold
- Platinum
- Diamond

Battle Rank serves as match-making criteria for Rating Matches.

At the end of each season, Battle Rank is reset and rewards are distributed.

Godly Player

After a certain amount of time has passed from the start of the season, anyone who reaches Battle Rank 70 or higher and ranks in the top 1,000 in the Top World Ranking will be deemed a Godly Player.
This status will be lost if the above conditions are no longer met.

Legends will keep count of how many times a player has finished a season at Godly rank.
From the second time onwards, the number of times they've attained Godly status will be displayed on the PvP main screen.

1st Win RP Bonus!

The 1st Win RP Bonus is a special bonus that can be earned in Rating Matches with your first win of the day.

The bonus will not apply from your second win onward, but it can be earned once again when the day resets.

The 1st Win RP Bonus gives a set amount of Rating Points each time and cannot be affected by other bonuses such as the "RP x2" bonus.

Special Rank Up

Players who participate in Rating Matches and finish the season above a certain Battle Rank will receive a Special Rank Up at the start of a new season.

This Special Rank Up grants players Rating Points when a new season begins according to their Battle Rank at the end of the last season they participated in.


"Groups" are collections of players competing within the same Group Rankings.
Your Battle Rank at the end of the previous season determines which block of Groups you can join.

Each of these blocks have multiple Groups, and anyone who fulfills the requirements to join the Group Rankings will be placed into one.

Rating Match Rewards

Rating Matches give 5 different types of rewards:
- Match Rewards
Given out based on the battle results and Battle Rank following a Rating Match.
- Battle Rank Rewards
Given out whenever a Battle Rank is reached for the first time.
- Battle Rank Season Rewards
Based on the Battle Rank held at the season's end and given to all players who took part in a Rating Match that season.
- Ranking Rewards (Top World Ranking & Group Ranking)
Reserved for players who are sufficiently high in the rankings when the season concludes.
*It is necessary to participate in a certain number of Rating Matches in order to place in the rankings.
- Special Rank Up Rewards
Given out at the start of each season to players who have achieved a Special Rank Up.

Battle Rank Season Rewards, Ranking Rewards, and Special Rank Up Rewards are given out when accessing the PvP screen after the results are calculated.

The time at which rewards can be claimed differs with their type, as detailed below.
1. Match Rewards: End of match
2. Battle Rank Rewards: Upon reaching a new Battle Rank
3. Battle Rank Season Rewards: During the next season
4. Ranking Rewards: During the next season
5. Special Rank Up Rewards: During the season in which the Special Rank Up is obtained

- Please note that it is necessary to participate in a certain number of Rating Matches in order to claim rewards.

*Players may receive Ranking Rewards from both the Top World Ranking and Group Ranking, but they cannot receive multiple Ranking Rewards in the same category.
For example, if a player is number one in the rankings, they will be ineligible to receive the Ranking Rewards for placing in the top 15% and will only receive the Rank 1 reward.

Boost Characters

Boost Characters will power up when used in Rating Matches and Treasure Battles.
The characters that receive these boosts will change each season.
The strength of these boosts depends on the tier.
*Characters in the same tier will receive different boosts depending on whether they are Zenkai Awakened or not.

The characters must be used in battle to receive boosts.
Simply adding a Boost Character to your party will not result in the boost taking effect.
You can check the current Boost Characters from the "Boost Characters" menu on the Rating Match screen.

Training Battle

Training Battles allow for friendly bouts with players of similar Battle Power.
Rating Points are not given after the fight, nor will the outcome affect season ranking.

Training Battle Rewards

Training Battle Rewards are given out at the end of Training Battles.

Treasure Battle

Treasure Battles allow you to enjoy low-risk bouts with players of a similar power level.

You will only be matched with other players who are playing Treasure Battle.
Rating Points are not given or taken away after the fight, nor will the outcome affect season rankings.
*This does not include various bonuses, etc. that grant Rating Points.

Treasure Battle Rewards

Match Rewards are given out after Treasure Battles end.

Plus, regardless of if you win or lose, players will receive Reward Points after a match.
The number of points you receive depends on the current Goals.
Earn enough points to open the Treasure Chest and get those rewards!

Friend Battle

Invite friends or guild members to battle through Friend Battle.

Stages can be chosen.

Friend Battles do not give rewards.

GodTube Replay Feature

GodTube is a place where you can watch battles between top-ranking players.

- New Replays
This is where you can watch the latest battles.
Replays here will disappear from the list after 14 days.
- Replay Collection Any replays that you've favorited are kept here.
Up to 30 replays can be saved here.
Replays saved in your Replay Collection will become unwatchable after 14 days from their initial upload.

- Watch History
Replays that you've watched previously will be temporarily kept here.
If your Watch History become too full, replays will be removed starting from the oldest first.
After an app update, replays from before the update may become unwatchable.

- Battle History Replays
Tap the "Replay" button on the details page in your Battle History to watch a replay.
Battles that fulfill certain conditions will be uploaded to GodTube.
Any battles that have been uploaded will have a camera icon.
After an app update, replays from before the update may become unwatchable.


You can send messages to your opponents from the PvP, Hyperdimensional Co-Op, or Co-Op Raid results screens, as well as from the Battle History screen in PvP.

Use a plethora of lines from Dragon Ball characters to communicate with other players.

These messages will be updated over time.

Praise Points

You can send Praise Points to your
opponents from the PvP results or
Battle History screen.

Send Praise Points and praise each
other's battle performance.

Types of Praise Points

There are three types of Praise Points:

Good Skill
- Praise your opponent's play

Good Party
- Praise your opponent's party formation

Good Game
- Praise a well-fought battle