Main Story

Go through the game's story and receive rewards such as character EXP, items, and Friendship Points (only used characters).

Event Stories

A mode where Stories from the Original Series, Scout Battles, and more are released periodically.

Stories from the Original Series
Stories that follow the Dragon Ball storyline.
Equipment may drop upon clearing a battle.

Scout Battles
Stories where you can acquire characters' Z Power.
The type of obtainable Z Power changes periodically.

Bonus Battles
Stories where you can acquire Souls, EXP and Zeni.
Job Requests may drop upon clearing a battle.

Rising Battles
A mode where you take on enemies that become stronger every time you defeat them.
These include battles with Deploy Conditions.

Legends Road
A mode where you earn Event Medals upon clearing battles.
Exchange these Medals at the Exchange Shop for various items.

Ultra Space-Time Rush
A mode where you deploy your characters to take on battles over multiple floors within each rush.
*No Story will be played.
*Energy is not required to play.

Events not indicated above are included in this category.

Other special Stories may also be released in accordance with different events.


Playing a Story costs Energy. Energy is restored automatically at a rate of one point every 20 minutes. However, it won't be restored past its maximum limit.

There are two main ways to manually restore Energy:
1) Using Chrono Crystals
  • 1st - 50th Time: Chrono Crystal x10
*Energy can be restored with Chrono Crystals up to 50 times per day.
2) Using the EN Tank

Using Chrono Crystals allows you to restore 10 points of Energy per usage and also allows you to acquire some Skip Tickets. Any excess Energy restored over the maximum limit will be added to the EN Tank.

Energy can be used directly from your EN Tank when you don't have enough to play a Story.

EN Tank

The EN Tank can hold up to 9,999 points of excess Energy.
Energy will be stored here when you use Chrono Crystals to restore your Energy and exceed your limit, or when your Z Level increases.

You can check how much Energy is left in the tank when selecting how to restore Energy.

You can temporarily store Energy over the maximum limit, however during this time you won't be able to restore Energy using Chrono Crystals.

Energy can be used directly from your EN Tank when you don't have enough to play a Story.


There are 4 difficulties: Normal, Hard, Scream, and Despair. High difficulty means stronger enemies but better rewards.

Unlocking Stories

Some Stories have unlock conditions.
Meet these conditions to play them.


Each story has battle Challenges. These give rewards when first beat. Complete all challenges for an extra reward.

Skip Tickets

This item allows you to skip a battle and instantly clear a story when used.

All challenges must be completed for a given stage before this item can be used.

Skip Tickets can be acquired through the following 2 methods:
① When recovering Energy through the use of Chrono Crystals
② By purchasing Skipper, the Skip Ticket Printing Robot
*Friendship Points are not earned when using Skip Tickets. *They will also not count toward the number of victories required to clear certain Missions.

Ultra Space-Time Rush

A mode where you deploy your characters to take on battles over multiple floors within each rush.

Energy is not required to play,
and it can be challenged as many times as you like during the event period.

Ultra Space-Time Rush Battle Rules

Characters which have been used once in Ultra Space-Time Rush cannot be used in any subsequent battles.
Used Equipment will also become non-equippable.

Defeat all battle members on the enemy side to seize victory and proceed to the next floor.
It will be counted as a loss if you are unable to defeat them all.
However, enemy health will be carried over to the next battle.
*When there is only one battle member remaining for both you and your enemy,
and both reach 0 health at the same time from Self-Destruct or ranged attacks,
the battle will be counted as a victory.

Special rules are set for certain floors, and you will need to form parties consisting of certain characters or tags depending on the floor.

Ultra Space-Time Rush Rewards

You will obtain points upon clearing floors and completing Trials.
Point Rewards can be obtained when the total amount of points acquired across all floors exceeds the required amount.

*No EXP, Zeni, or items will be obtained from battles.

Rushes in Ultra Space-Time Rush

Once you've beaten every floor in one "Rush", a new "Rush" will be unlocked.

Challenge the "Rushes" as far as you can and obtain rewards.

"Rush" progress that has been unlocked will be shared amongst all Ultra Space-Time Rushes.

Ultra Space-Time Rush Re-attempts

By selecting Re-attempt, you can reset the progress for the selected Rush and start the battle anew from the first floor.
If you obtain enough points when re-attempting, you can acquire Point Rewards you did not get in previous challenges.

*Record of max points and rewards obtained will not be reset.