Arts Boost

There are three types of Arts Boost: Strike Boost, Blast Boost, and Special Boost. Each boost has a corresponding grade that will increase a character's stats as well as the Heavy Attack capabilities of any Arts the boost applies to. Higher grades will make characters even stronger!

Different Arts are affected by different boosts.

[Strike Boost]
- Strike Arts

[Blast Boost]
- Blast Arts

[Special Boost]
- Special Move Arts
- Awakening Arts
- Ultimate Arts

Arts Boosting

Arts Boosting can be attempted by selecting a type of boost and then spending items like Arts Cores, Zeni, and Arts Seeds.

Successful attempts will raise the selected boost's grade, which will increase the character's stats and improve the Heavy Strike Capabilities of applicable Arts.

Arts Cores and Zeni will be consumed regardless of whether the boost is successful or not.
Other items, such as Arts Seeds, will only be consumed if the boost is successful and will not be consumed if it fails.

- You can choose to attempt an upgrade multiple times if you possess more than one of the same Arts Core.
Multiple attempts will end when one of the following conditions is met:
1. The chosen number of attempts has been made.
2. The boost's grade has reached max grade or the limit grade for the selected Arts Core.

If attempts ended due to the second condition, all unused items will be returned.