Full Power Battle

Full Power Battle Rules

Full Power Battle is a 4v1 mode where you and 3 Buddy Characters fight to take down a Boss.

Victory is achieved by reducing the Boss's health to 0.
If the player character is defeated, it will result in a loss.

Deploy Conditions and Party Formation

There are certain restrictions on what characters you can use in Full Power Battle.

This is true for support members as well.
If a character does not meet the required conditions, they cannot be set in the party.

Battle Style Bonuses

Characters will get certain buffs during battle depending on their Battle Style.
The effects from these buffs can stack.


Characters that your Friends or Guild members have set can participate in battle as Comrades.
Comrades grant effects that are slightly stronger than your own.
You cannot use multiple Comrades from the same Friend or Guild member.
A Comrade's Level and unlocked Boost Panels will be fixed.

You can set your own characters as Comrades from the Full Power Battle main screen or the Player Status screen.

All-Out Rush

All-Out Rush is a 4-character special attack that can deal massive damage.

There are two types of All-Out Rush: Strike and Blast.
Every time you use a Strike or Blast Arts Card, there is a set chance that a special Strike or Blast Arts Card will appear.
If either of those hit, it's a chance to deal massive damage.

For an All-Out Rush (Strike), you have to time your taps according to what's shown on screen.
For an All-Out Rush (Blast), you have to tap the button on screen repeatedly.

If either of these attacks succeed, they'll deal a massive amount of damage.

Rising Rush Z

Tap an Arts Card with a Dragon Ball to fill Dragon Ball Slots.
Get all 7 and a button to trigger a Rising Rush will appear.
Tap the button to unleash a powerful Rising Rush Z.

Dual Break

When the enemy loses a certain amount of health, they'll unleash a ranged attack that targets every character.
Watch the area around your feet to see where the attack is going to hit and avoid it by moving forwards or backwards.
Buddy Characters will always be hit by this attack.

Ultra Burst

This is one of the enemy's special moves.
To fire off this huge attack, the enemy will gather energy for a set period of time.

At this moment, a gauge will appear on screen.
Attacking the enemy will deplete this gauge.
Completely depleting the gauge within the time limit will stop the enemy's Ultra Burst.