Tournament of Power

What's the Tournament of Power?

Spend "Tournament Participation Points" to clear spaces on the map and reach the boss at the end.
In addition, you will receive points toward your Battle Score upon clearing battles, which will determine your ranking among other players.
The Tournament of Power is divided into seasons, and rewards can be earned based on your Battle Score results at the end of each season (rewards will be distributed when you join the next season).
The Tournament of Power is divided into "Leagues," and players with the highest Battle Score results will be promoted to a higher-level League the following season, while players with the lowest scores will be demoted.

Tournament of Power Battle Rules

Battles consist of four turns with a maximum of six versus six characters.
Characters attack in order of highest Ki Recovery, and the turn will end when everyone has attacked.
After four turns, a Rising Rush will be used by the player's side only.
The winner is the one who eliminates all of their opponent's characters or the one who inflicted more damage during the battle.


Players who participate in the Tournament of Power are grouped into "Leagues".
You can be promoted or demoted to another League based on your Battle Score results at the end of each season.
The higher level the League, the more difficult the battles will become.
In addition, players who did not participate in the Tournament of Power during a season will be demoted for the following season.

Team Formation

Form a dedicated team to use in battle.
You can place 6 characters in the 3x3 spaces.
In addition, you can register backup characters that you can switch with your team's characters during the Map Capture phase.
You can also change the Equipment and Attack Arts that your team's characters will use during battle.

*Changes to Shallot's transformation or Costume will also be reflected in the Tournament of Power.


This is your characters' remaining health.
A certain amount of your characters' health is restored after each battle in the Tournament of Power.
Except in the case of a loss, if a character's health falls to zero, they will not revive after the battle, and you will not be able to use them in future ones.

Special Move Gauge

This is your characters' current Special Move Gauge charge.
Once fully charged, you can use that character's Special Move.


Each character has several Abilities.
Characters' Abilities in the Tournament of Power are different to their regular Abilities and have different effects.
Some Abilities only work in certain situations, so be sure to think carefully about your characters' Abilities when forming a team.

Switching Out

You can switch characters between your team and backup characters during Map Capture.
Check what characters your opponent will use in the next battle and adjust your team accordingly.

Tournament Participation Points

These points are used to progress through spaces in the Tournament of Power.
You will recover Tournament Participation Points over time at set intervals.


Spend Tournament Participation Points to advance through spaces.
Spaces each have their own events when you land on them, such as battles or recovery.


Map Capture begins on the Start space.
You can edit your team formation here, so be sure to plan for the battles ahead.


Battle spaces are where you fight against enemies. The higher the difficulty level, the more powerful they will be.
When confirming your movement before a battle, you can tap the enemy's icon to set the order of which enemies to prioritize in battle.
Battles will be performed automatically, and you can see the battle result and other details after it ends.
The amount of points you earn towards your Battle Score is determined by various aspects of the battle.


These spaces are where you fight enemies who are much more powerful than on regular battle spaces.
You will get rewards upon winning these battles.


When you land an attack on an enemy that is inflicted with Bleed/Heavy Bleed/Extreme Bleed or Poison/Strong Poison Abnormal Conditions, or if you are hit by an enemy attack while under those conditions, extra damage will occur based on the intensity of the Abnormal Condition.
The extra damage will not be added to your battle score.

Instant Effects

Effects that occur only during the moment their conditions are fulfilled, then disappear afterwards.
They are marked by (Instant) in ability details.

Special Actions

Special actions that occur with the abilities of some characters.
Unlike in regular battles, they do not count as attacks even though they appear to attack your opponent. They cannot be defended against or nullified by changing cover, inflicting Abnormal Condition "Can't Attack", or by any other ability effect.

Placement Bonus

On Battle spaces, there are certain positions in the 3x3 grid where you place characters that grant useful buffs for that battle.
Make sure to place characters in those spots to power them up.

Recovery Spaces

Land on these spaces to recover your characters' health.
However, note that characters whose health is already zero will not be healed.

Reform Team Spaces

You can receive the following effects upon landing on these spaces:
1. All characters on your team and in backup will have their health and Special Move Gauges averaged together. Characters with zero health are also included and will be revived in the process.
Plus, all characters will recover a small amount of health.

2. You can swap out characters from your team or backup with other characters you own. If you do, new characters will inherit the health and Special Move Gauges of the characters they are swapped with.

3. You can change the Tournament of Power Equipment being used by the characters on your team and in backup.

Battle Score

These are points you earn by battling.
Your ranking in the Tournament of Power is determined by your Battle Score.
You can also receive rewards based on your battle score.


Your ranking is determined by the accumulated Battle Score you earn through battles.
You will receive an Overall Ranking, which is your position among all other players, and a League Ranking, which is where you stand within your current League.
Your Overall Ranking determines what rewards you receive at the end of the season.
Your League Ranking is what determines whether you will be promoted or demoted for the following season.

Auto Mode

You can use this feature to automatically proceed through spaces in the Tournament of Power.
Once you set how many Tournament Participation Points you want to use, the game will play the applicable number of spaces for you.
Battle spaces will be given the highest priority when movement is being determined.
Auto Mode will end when either your set Tournament Participation Points are used up or when you lose a battle.

Battle Log

You can check your battle results during the season here.
You are also able to watch a replay each battle.

Friendship Rank

A character's Friendship Rank has an effect on their stats.
All stats will increase by 0.5% each time you increase their Friendship Rank.

Boost Characters

You will get a bonus to the amount of points you earn towards your Battle Score if you battle with Boost Characters in your team.
The more Boost Characters you battle with, the greater the bonus will be.

Loss Penalty

If you lose a battle, your party will revive, but you will be sent two spaces back from where you lost.
However, battles within two spaces from the Start space are tutorial spaces that will not penalize you if you lose. Even if you lose on these spaces, you will proceed to the next space without being penalized.

Specialized Equipment

You can only use specialized Tournament of Power Equipment in the Tournament of Power.
You can change your Tournament of Power Equipment on the starting team formation screen and on Reform Team spaces.
Keep in mind that you cannot use regular Equipment.