Hyperdimensional Co-Op

Hyperdimensional Co-Op is a battle mode where you work together with another player to defeat the boss.

The other player who fights with you against the boss is called a buddy.
In Hyperdimensional Co-Op, your buddy does not count as the battle member or ally mentioned in abilities' activation conditions and effect range.

Hyperdimensional Co-Op Battle Rules

Unlike regular battles, you and your Buddy will use two characters each to challenge the Boss in a 4 vs. 1 fight.
*Some battles, such as Co-Op Raids, may only allow the use of one character.
You will win the battle when the health of the Boss reaches zero.
You will lose if a certain amount of time passes while there is only one player left or if time runs out.

Shield Condition

Hyperdimensional Co-Op bosses have a special shield.
Their shield will have the following effects:

- Reduce damage received
- Nullify knockback effect of Arts attacks
- Cannot be defeated

Deal damage to the boss to destroy their shield.
The shield's status is shown via the shield gauge on the top of the screen.

Since the shield will slowly repair itself, cooperate with your buddy to quickly take it down.

Strike Chance

When the shield is destroyed, a strike chance will occur.
The shield will lose its effects during a strike chance.

The boss' shield will recover over time.
The strike chance will end when the shield fully recovers.

Cooperate with your buddy during the strike chance, and defeat the boss.


Burst will occur when the boss' shield fully recovers during a strike chance.
Burst will knock back and immobilize players for a set period of time.


Players will generate a certain amount of aggro in relation to the boss.
The amount of aggro you have will increase when you act against the boss. The boss will target the player with the most aggro.


Tap the icon to taunt the boss.

If you taunt the boss, your aggro will increase.

Use this tactic to decrease the amount of attacks your buddy receives.


Tap your buddy's icon to assist them when they're under attack.
By doing so, you will push your buddy out of the way and earn a link.
You will also become the focus of the boss' attacks for a short period of time.
Abilities that activate with cover change will not activate with assists.

Dual Impact

If the boss' Strike Arts collides with yours, you will be able to prevent the boss from attack for a set amount of time.
You can extend this period up to four times by successfully flicking in the direction of the on-screen arrows.

While your buddy prevents the boss from attacking, perform a Dual Impact by landing Strike or Blast Arts to deal a large amount of damage.

Rising Rush

In a Hyperdimensional Co-Op Rising Rush, you'll have to tap the screen with precise timing.

When attacking, tap to stop the gauge when it's full. When defending, tap to stop the gauge in the area shown on screen.

When Defeated

If you have a Revival Drink, you can revive a defeated Buddy and have them rejoin the fight.

You and your Buddy can each bring a maximum of one Revival Drink into battle.

Hyperdimensional Co-Op Rewards

If you win in the Hyperdimensional Co-Op, you can earn limited-time rewards, bonus rewards, Battle Points, and more.

Limited-time rewards are received after completion and can only be obtained a certain number of times per day.
The number of limited-time rewards you can receive per day varies by Event.

You'll earn a bonus reward on top of the limited-time reward if you clear the battle with a Buddy you found by tapping the "Play" button.
You will not obtain a bonus reward if you cannot receive any more limited-time rewards.

- Bonus Missions will appear during battle. Clear them within the time limit to get rewards.
- You can work together with your Buddy to clear these Bonus Missions.

You will earn Battle Points when you clear a battle if you are affiliated with a Guild.
You will earn more Battle Points if you clear the battle with another Guild member.

You will receive rewards even if your Buddy wins the battle after you're defeated.

Bonus Missions

Bonus Missions will appear during Hyperdimensional Co-Op.
These can be cleared together with your Buddy. There is no penalty for failing them.
Upon winning the battle, any rewards from Missions that were cleared will be distributed.

If a connection error or other issue causes your Buddy to be replaced by an AI-controlled character, all Bonus Missions will be stopped.
However, rewards from any Bonus Missions completed before this will still be distributed upon victory.

Boss's Bind Attack

The Boss in Hyperdimensional Co-Op is able to use a Bind attack.
If it hits, you will be unable to move for a while and your health will be continuously absorbed.

To escape, your Buddy must do one of the following:
- Use an assist
- Land a Special Move, Special, Ultimate, or Awakened Arts, or even a Rising Rush
- Deal a certain amount of damage to the Boss

Simultaneous Rising Rushes

When you activate your Rising Rush at the same time as your Buddy, the Boss will be unable to stop or evade the attack.
Try to stop the gauge when it's full. Plus, if both players' scores are close to each other, you'll deal more damage than a regular Rising Rush.

When defending, if both players are unable to stop the gauge in the specified area, the defense will fail and either your or your Buddy's character will be chosen randomly to receive a penalty.

Hyperdimensional Co-Op Rematch

It is possible to rematch with buddies that you have matched with via the "Invite/Scan Code" feature.
When rematching, both players' parties will be the same as in the previous battle.
A rematch will only take place if both players select it.
*You cannot rematch with players found by tapping the "Play" button.

There's a limit to the number of rematches that can be performed in a row.
If this limit is reached, you will be disconnected from your Buddy.
*It is possible to match with the same player again via the "Invite/Scan Code" feature.

Ultra Skip Tickets

This item allows you to skip matchmaking and battles for Hyperdimensional Co-Op and Co-Op Raids and instantly clear them when used.

All challenges must be completed for a given stage before this item can be used.
Plus, all of the current day's limited-time rewards must have been received.

Ultra Skip Tickets can be acquired from the Exchange Shop, etc.
Battles skipped with Ultra Skip Tickets will not count toward the number of victories required to clear certain Missions.
*Combat Points will not be earned in Co-Op Raids when using Ultra Skip Tickets.