Friends are connected in-game players who you can Friend Battle. You can have up to 40 friends (including requests).

Story Archive

In Story Archive, you can view cutscenes from Main Stories you have cleared without using energy.

*Some cutscenes, such as for previews, will not be available to view.
*Sequences in some of the cutscenes may differ from how they appear in the Main Story.

Data Transfer

By registering the account details of an external service in the data transfer settings, you can transfer your data when you change to a new device.
You can access the data transfer settings via the following:
1. MENU > Other > Data Transfer Settings
2. Title Screen > Support > Data Transfer Settings

*Chrono Crystals will not be transferred when transferring data to a different OS. *After successfully completing an account transfer, another transfer cannot be performed for the next 24 hours. *Registered pre-set party information and GodTube replay lists will not transfer.

Contact Us

Please contact us if in-game help is not enough.
1. In Menu, Other→FAQ→Contact Us
2. On the title screen, Support→Contact Us.

Changing the Resolution in Options

You can change the in-game resolution from the Options menu.
The higher the setting, the higher the resolution.

If you experience slowdown or increased battery drain on your device, please change the in-game resolution from the menu below and restart the app.
MENU > Other > Options > Resolution