Missions are tasks that can be completed through all kinds of gameplay.
Clearing them can earn you reward items or Mission Points.
*Items obtained from the Exchange Shop will not count toward item acquisition Missions.

Mission Points

Points gained when you complete missions. Gain enough to raise your Z Level, giving you item rewards.

Mission Plans

Mission Plans allow you to choose Missions that suit your playstyle.

You can earn Plan Points by completing Missions in Mission Plans. As you earn Plan Points, your Plan Grade will increase.
The rewards you can earn are based on your Plan Grade.

Mission Plans have an unlock period. When this period ends, your ・Mission Clear status
・Plan Grade
・Premium Unlock status
will be reset, and you can choose a new Mission Plan.

Daily Stamp Rally

In the Daily Stamp Rally, collect Stamps every day and they'll be placed on your Stamp Sheet sequentially. Stamp a reward space to get its rewards.

Stamps can be acquired from Mission rewards after completing each day's Daily Missions, but if the Stamp for the previous day is not collected before the date changes, the Stamp Sheet will reset.

Once a Stamp Sheet has been completed, a new one will begin when the date changes.

Auto-Claim Daily Mission Rewards

Rewards from Daily Missions can be claimed automatically after all of them have been completed by moving to one of the following screens.
- Home
- Story details
- Story list
- Event
- Adventure
- PvP
*Missions other than Daily Missions cannot be automatically claimed this way.