Battle Controls


Tap an Arts Card to attack with a skill that correspond to the card's type. Tap multiple Arts Cards successively to chain attacks together in a combo.

Tap the screen at close range to unleash a Tap Attack. Tap Attacks are quick and can be executed up to three times in a row.

Tap the screen at mid range to Tackle. Tackles are quick attacks that close the distance between you and the enemy.

Tap the screen at long range to unleash a Tap Shot. Tap Shots are singular Ki projectiles that are effective at restricting your enemy's movements.

Tap the screen while performing a Quick Dash to execute a Quick Attack. This allows you to attack while closing the distance between you and your opponent and is an effective way to surprise anyone who might be hanging back too much.
*Quick Attacks that hit during a combo will inflict less damage than normal.

Main Abilities

When the Ability Gauge is full, tap a character icon to use their Main Ability.

* Can only be used once per battle.

Using Ultimate skills

Some characters have Ultimate Skills. Use one by acquiring an Ultimate Technique card from a Main Ability's effect.


Slide your finger on the screen to move your character.
*Moving characters back at long range will reduce your Vanishing Gauge.

When not at long range, flick up to Boost and quickly close in on an opponent.
When at long range, flicking up will perform a Quick Dash, which will close the distance between you and your opponent instantly. You cannot take damage from Tap Shots while Quick Dashing.
*Flicking up after sidestepping or attacking with certain Arts will cause you to Boost, even at long range.

Flick down to backstep and get some distance.

Vanishing Step

Swipe left or right on the screen in time with the enemy's attack to avoid it using the Vanishing Step. Using the Vanishing Step will deplete the Vanishing Gauge, but it recovers automatically over time. Recovery is paused during certain actions, such as attacking. The Vanishing Gauge will be restored to maximum value when you are hit by an enemy Arts attack or when you substitute characters.

* You will do a step without evasive effects if you don't have enough Vanishing Gauge.

Ki Charge

Hold down on the screen to rapidly restore your Ki Gauge.

Substituting Characters

Tap an ally character icon to control them. A fixed amount of time is needed before you can switch characters again.

Cover Change

When you are caught in an enemy combo, tap an ally character icon to have the standby character switch in and take the attacks instead.

This allows you to get yourself out of tight spots, save characters you don't want to be defeated, or swap in characters with high defenses to reduce the damage taken.

Cover Change cannot be used against Tap Actions

Tap Actions

Tap Actions are attacks that do not require Arts Cards or cost Ki. They are performed by tapping the screen.

There are two categories of Tap Actions.
Melee Tap Actions: Tap Attack, Tackle, Quick Attack
Ranged Tap Actions: Tap Shot

See "Attacks" in the help menu for more information on the strengths of each attack and how to use them.